Quick Start

Demo Overview

The Matter reference implementation contains support for a number of examples and platforms.

Wi-Fi Nodes

Controller / AdminNodeDescription
chip-tool (Linux / Mac)
Includes docs for all the cluster commands supported
all-clusters-app M5Stack (ESP)Linux simulationUse the command line tool on a laptop to pair with and control an embedded Wi-Fi platform. This demo supports the “all-clusters-app”, so it provides the basic onoff light test and more.
chip-device-ctrl.pyall-clusters-app M5Stack (ESP) Linux simulationSame as above, but uses the pychip tool as Controller Node.

Thread Nodes

Use one of the controllers listed above and then a Border Router and Node combination listed below.

Border RouterNodeDescription
Thread Border Router RasPi BeagleBone
lighting-app Nordic nRF5x NXP K32W Qorvo QPG6100 Silicon Labs EFR32The Lighting example is supported by many of the available Thread platforms. See the chip-tool controller instructions for how to actuate the light on/off cluster.
Thread Border Router RasPi BeagleBone
lock-app Nordic nRF5x NXP K32W Qorvo QPG6100 Silicon Labs EFR32 TI CC13x2x7The Lock example is supported by many of the available Thread and Wi-Fi platforms.



This section summarizes how to run some common scenarios with the chip-tool controller.

IP Pairing

chip-tool pairing onnetwork ${NODE_ID_TO_ASSIGN} 20202021 will use PASE over IP to commission a device and assign ${NODE_ID_TO_ASSIGN} (which must be a decimal number or a 0x-prefixed hex number) as its node id.

NOTE: On Linux, if the device is actually running after unit tests ran you have to use chip-tool pairing onnetwork desired-node-id 34567890, because the unit tests change the device configuration.

NOTE: to run both the Node and Controller as separate processes on the same Linux or Mac machine, build the all-clusters-app with Bluetooth LE disabled as follows:

scripts/examples/gn_build_example.sh examples/all-clusters-app/linux out/debug/standalone/ chip_config_network_layer_ble=false

Automated CASE tests

chip-tool tests Test_TC_OO_1_1 will run a suite of tests that use CASE To communicate with a paired all-clusters-app peer node.