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Matter CYW30739 OTA Requestor Example

An example showing the use of the Matter OTA Requestor functionality on the Infineon CYW30739 platform.

Table of Contents


The CYW30739 OTA Requestor example provides a baseline demonstration the Matter OTA Requestor functionality built with the Infineon Modustoolbox SDK. It can be controlled by a Matter controller over Thread network.

The CYW30739 device can be commissioned over Bluetooth Low Energy where the device and the Matter controller will exchange security information with the Rendez-vous procedure. Target Thread Network information including the active dataset and CASE credentials are then provided.


  • Build the example application:

    $ cd ~/connectedhomeip
    $ git submodule update --init
    $ ./scripts/examples/ examples/ota-requestor-app/infineon/cyw30739 out/ota-requestor-app
  • To delete generated executable, libraries and object files use:

    $ cd ~/connectedhomeip
    $ rm -rf ./out/
  • OR use GN/Ninja directly

    $ cd ~/connectedhomeip/examples/ota-requestor-app/infineon/cyw30739
    $ git submodule update --init
    $ source third_party/connectedhomeip/scripts/
    $ gn gen out/debug
    $ ninja -C out/debug
  • To delete generated executable, libraries and object files use:

    $ cd ~/connectedhomeip/examples/ota-requestor-app/infineon/cyw30739
    $ rm -rf out/

Building Options

DAC / DAC Key / PAI Certificate / Certificate Declaration

Infineon CYW30739 examples use test certifications, keys, and CD by default. For a production build, manufacturers can provision certifications, keys, and CD by the following arguments:

  • matter_dac, matter_dac_key, matter_pai, matter_cd

    $ ./scripts/examples/ examples/lighting-app/infineon/cyw30739 out/lighting-app \
    'matter_dac="/path/to/dac.der"' \
    'matter_dac_key="/path/to/dac_key.der"' \
    'matter_pai="/path/to/pai.der"' \

Flashing the Application

Enter Recovery Mode

Put the CYW30739 in to the recovery mode before running the flash script.

  1. Press and hold the RECOVERY button on the board.
  2. Press and hold the RESET button on the board.
  3. Release the RESET button.
  4. After one second, release the RECOVERY button.

Run Flash Script

  • On the command line:

    $ cd ~/connectedhomeip/examples/ota-requestor-app/infineon/cyw30739
    $ python3 out/debug/

Running the Complete Example

  • It is assumed here that you already have an OpenThread border router configured and running. If not see the following guide Openthread_border_router for more information on how to setup a border router on a raspberryPi.

    • Get the active dataset hex for the chip-tool.
      ot-ctl dataset active -x
  • You can provision and control the Chip device using the python controller, Chip tool standalone, Android or iOS app

    Chip tool

    Here is an example with the chip tool:

    • Start a Linux OTA Provider.

      # Start the OTA provider server with an OTA binary file
      chip-ota-provider-app -f <path/to/ota/binary>
    • Setup the CYW30739 OTA Requestor the the Linux OTA Provider by the controller.

      # Pair the OTA Requestor
      chip-tool pairing ble-thread 1234 hex:0e080000000000000000000300000b35060004001fffe00208dead00beef00cafe0708fddead00beef000005108e11d8ea8ffaa875713699f59e8807e0030a4f70656e5468726561640102c2980410edc641eb63b100b87e90a9980959befc0c0402a0fff8 20202021 3840
      # Pair the OTA Provider
      chip-tool pairing onnetwork-vendor 4321 20202021 9050
      # Announce the OTA provider to the requestor
      chip-tool otasoftwareupdaterequestor announce-ota-provider 4321 9 0 0 1234 0