Matter OTA

Generate CHIP OTA image

User can generate the Matter OTA image by simply enabling CONFIG_CHIP_OTA_IMAGE_BUILD config option. OTA image is generated in build directory with name <project name>-ota.bin. This image then can be used with OTA Provider Application.

Please make sure that version number is set to correct value. Use CONFIG_DEVICE_SOFTWARE_VERSION and CONFIG_DEVICE_SOFTWARE_VERSION_NUMBER config options for setting software version.

Matter OTA image can also be generated using script.

Enabling OTA Requestor

  • Please make sure CONFIG_ENABLE_OTA_REQUESTOR config option is enabled for enabling OTA requestor feature.
  • Currently all-clusters-app, lighting-app, and ota-requestor-app supports OTA requestor functionality.
  • Build and flash any supported app, and commission it.

Setup OTA Provider app

Setup any of the OTA Provider, commission it and install the appropriate access control list.

Query for an OTA Image

Using Console

After commissioning is successful, press Enter in requestor device console and type below query.

>matter ota query 1 <PROVIDER NODE ID> 0

Once the transfer is complete, OTA requestor sends ApplyUpdateRequest command to OTA provider for applying the image. Device will restart on successful application of OTA image.

Using chip-tool

After commissioning is successful, announce OTA provider's presence using chip-tool. On receiving this command OTA requestor will query for OTA image.

./out/debug/chip-tool otasoftwareupdaterequestor announce-ota-provider <PROVIDER NODE ID> 0 0 0 <REQUESTOR NODE ID> 0