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Matter ESP32 Light-switch Example

This example demonstrates the Matter Light-switch application on ESP platforms.

Please setup ESP-IDF and CHIP Environment and refer building and commissioning guides to get started.

Testing the example

  • After successful commissioning, use the chip-tool to write the ACL in Lighting device to allow access from Lighting-switch device and chip-tool.

    $ ./out/debug/chip-tool accesscontrol write acl '[{"fabricIndex": 1, "privilege": 5, "authMode": 2, "subjects": [112233], "targets": null },{"fabricIndex": 1, "privilege": 3, "authMode": 2, "subjects": [<LIGHT SWITCH NODE ID>], "targets": null }]' <LIGHTING APP NODE ID> 0
  • After successful commissioning, use the chip-tool for binding in Lighting-switch.

    $ ./out/debug/chip-tool binding write binding '[{"fabricIndex": 1, "node":<LIGHTING APP NODE ID>, "endpoint":1, "cluster":6}]' <LIGHT SWITCH NODE ID> 1
  • Test toggle:

    Press boot button to toggle LED.

    Using matter shell on:

    matter switch onoff on


    matter switch onoff off