CHIP ESP32 OTA Provider Example

A prototype application that demonstrates OTA provider capabilities.

Please setup ESP-IDF and CHIP Environment

Building and Commissioning

Generate the OTA image as described here

Configure OTA image to serve

  • Copy the binary file which you are going to send to the OTA Requestor to ./spiffs_image path and make sure the OTA_IMAGE_NAME is the same as the name of the image file you placed in ./spiffs_image.

  • Please set the below configuration after setting the target

    Edit the OTA_IMAGE_NAME through Demo->OTA image file name. menuconfig

    Length of OTA_IMAGE_NAME SHALL NOT be more than 30 bytes excluding NULL terminator.

Follow ESP32 Application Usage Guide to Build, Flash, Monitor, and Commission the device.

Once device is commissioned successfully, then please try below steps.

Access control list requirements

Commissioner or Administrator should install necessary ACL entries at commissioning time or later to enable processing of QueryImage commands from OTA Requestors on their fabric, otherwise that OTA Provider will not be usable by OTA Requestors.

Since the ACL attribute contains a list of entries, we cannot append a single entry to it. So, read the ACL entries and append an entry which grants operate privileges to all nodes for the OTA Provider cluster (0x0029) on every endpoint.

  • Read the ACL attribute
./out/debug/chip-tool accesscontrol read acl <PROVIDER NODE ID> 0
  • Write the ACL attribute
out/chip-tool accesscontrol write acl '[{"fabricIndex": 1, "privilege": 5, "authMode": 2, "subjects": [112233], "targets": null}, {"fabricIndex": 1, "privilege": 3, "authMode": 2, "subjects": null, "targets": [{"cluster": 41, "endpoint": null, "deviceType": null}]}]' <PROVIDER NODE ID>0

First entry created as part of commissioning which grants administer privilege to the node ID 112233 (default controller node ID) for all clusters on every endpoint. Seconds entry is the new entry being added which grants operate privileges to all nodes for the OTA Provider cluster (0x0029) on every endpoint

Set delayed action time (Optional)

  • Set delayed action time in the Query Image Response and Apply Update Response, default is zero.
> matter OTAProvider delay <delay seconds>

Once OTA provider is commissioned then head over to OTA Requestor Example.