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CHIP ESP32 OTA Requestor Example

A prototype application that demonstrates OTA Requestor capabilities.

Please setup ESP-IDF and CHIP Environment and refer building and commissioning guides to get started.


Before moving ahead, make sure you have OTA Provider is commissioned and running.

Query for an OTA Image

After commissioning is successful, announce OTA provider's presence using chip-tool. On receiving this command OTA requestor will query for OTA image.

./out/debug/chip-tool otasoftwareupdaterequestor announce-ota-provider <PROVIDER NODE ID> 0 0 0 <REQUESTOR NODE ID> 0

Once the transfer is complete, OTA requestor sends ApplyUpdateRequest command to OTA provider for applying the image. Device will restart on successful application of OTA image.

ESP32 OTA Requestor with Linux OTA Provider

./out/debug/chip-ota-provider-app -f hello-world.bin
  • Provision the Linux OTA Provider using chip-tool
./out/debug/chip-tool pairing onnetwork 12345 20202021