Matter Shell - Device Layer module

The chip::DeviceLayer APIs may be invoked via the Matter Shell CLI.

Command List

Command Details


List the Device CLI commands.

> device help
  help            Usage: device <subcommand>
  start           Start the device layer. Usage: device start
  get             Get configuration value. Usage: device get <param_name>
  config          Dump entire configuration of device. Usage: device dump


Dump the configuration of the device.

> device config
VendorId:        235a
ProductId:       feff
HardwareVersion: 0001
SerialNumber:    <None>
ServiceId:       <None>
FabricId:        <None>
PinCode:         <None>
Discriminator:   <None>
DeviceId:        <None>
DeviceCert:      <None>
DeviceCaCerts:   <None>
MfrDeviceId:     <None>
MfrDeviceCert:   <None>

get <parameter>

  • parameter: name of field to query

Where valid parameter names include:

  • vendorid: Vendor Identifier
  • productid: Product Identifier
  • hardwarever: Hardware Version
  • serial: Serial Number
  • deviceid: Device Identification Number
  • cert: Device Certificate
  • cacerts: Device CA Certificates
  • mfrdeviceid: Manufacturer Device Identification Number
  • mfrcert: Manufacturer Device Certificate
  • mfrcacerts: Manufacturer Device CA Certs
  • pincode: Setup Pin Code
  • discriminator: Setup Discriminator
  • serviceid: Service Identifier
  • fabricid: Fabric Identifier
> device get vendorid


Initialize the Matter stack and start the device layer event loop.

> device start
Init CHIP Stack
Starting Platform Manager Event Loop