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ZAP generation templates

What is this repo?

This directory contains generation templates for ZAP, ZCL Advanced Platform.

IMPORTANT: Changes to templates will affect all examples.

How to configure an application

Before running ZAP, you need to have npm installed. The best way is to simply download latest install of node and you will get npm.

Run ZAP with UI to configure endpoints and clusters



./scripts/tools/zap/ <path to *.zap file>

Generating Files

How to generate files for all applications

When any of the .zapt templates has been changed, all examples applications need to be updated. You can regenerate all files with:


How to generate files for a single application

By default generated files are located in a zap-generated/ folder under zzz_generated/app-name/.

The zap-generated/ folder content is the output of the templates listed into app-templates.json.

To generate the application zap-generated/ folder the command is:

./scripts/tools/zap/ <path to application *.zap file> -o zzz_generated/app-name/zap-generated

For example, to generate the zzz_generated/lighting-app/zap-generated/ folder the command is:

./scripts/tools/zap/ examples/lighting-app/lighting-common/lighting-app.zap -o zzz_generated/lighting-app/zap-generated


If you are encountering issues while generating zap files, try running the following commands

source ./scripts/

How to generate files for a single application using custom templates

An application may use some custom templates to generate additional files.

In this case the file listing the templates needs to be passed as an argument to

To generate the application additional files, the command is:

./scripts/tools/zap/ <path to *.zap file> -t <path to templates.json file>

For example, to generate chip-tool additional files the command is:

./scripts/tools/zap/ src/controller/data_model/controller-clusters.zap -t examples/chip-tool/templates/templates.json

For more information please see the documentation under docs/ in ZAP