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LwIP patches

This directory contains patch files for LwIP that enable required or desired functionality in Matter. Patches that are not yet integrated into mainline LwIP are provided as a patch file. This file also contains a list of helpful patches that may not be present in vendor forks of the LwIP codebase

Un-merged patches

Route information options (RIO)

Required for wifi devices to support communication with a thread device behind an open thread border router.

Troubleshooting: The patch uses the ip6_addr_net_eq function, which is a recent API change on upstream LwIP. The previous version of this function is ip6_addr_netcmp, so this function call may need to be replaced on older forks.

Important upstream patches

Malformed neighbor solicitation packet fix

DHCPv6 DNS bug

There was a bug in the DHCPv6 code where if the router sent a DNS using DHCPv6 stateless, it would set the DNS server as an ipv4 address, which ended up being garbage. This would invalidate the whole DNS table, and lwip does not have a default backup.

  • fixed in upstream in this commit