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  1. build-all.yaml
  2. chef.yaml
  4. smoke-test.yaml

Setup google cloud integration


Running builds

Local execution

In order to test locally, comment out the machineType and queueTtl entry in the build yaml.

# Once only setup:
gcloud components install cloud-build-local

# Build using this command from the checkout root
cloud-build-local --config integrations/cloudbuild/build-all.yaml --dryrun=false `pwd`

You can pass in optional argument of --write-workspace=$HOME/tmp/testws to examine the output of the script.

Automated build location

Builds are set up to run automatically, with history available at:

Official build view permissions

Cloud build and artifact view permissions to the matter-build-automation project are handled through a google group.

For active developers, please request to be included in the group.