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Matter Tests on Device

An application that runs Matter's unit tests on ESP32 device or QEMU.

Supported Devices

The Matter application is intended to work on ESP32-DevKitC, QEMU, and the M5Stack. Support for the M5Stack is still a Work in Progress.

Building the Application

Building the application requires the use of the Espressif ESP32 IoT Development Framework and the xtensa-esp32-elf toolchain.

The chip-build Docker container and VSCode devcontainer has these components pre-installed, so you can skip this step. To install these components manually, follow these steps:

  • Clone the Espressif ESP-IDF and checkout v4.3 tag

      $ mkdir -p ${HOME}/tools
      $ cd ${HOME}/tools
      $ git clone
      $ cd esp-idf
      $ git checkout v4.3
      $ git submodule update --init
      $ export IDF_PATH=${HOME}/tools/esp-idf
      $ ./
  • Clone and build ESP32 QEMU

      $ mkdir -p ${HOME}/tools
      $ cd ${HOME}/tools
      $ git clone --progress qemu_esp32
      $ cd qemu_esp32
      $ ./configure --target-list=xtensa-softmmu --enable-debug --enable-sanitizers --disable-strip --disable-user --disable-capstone    $ --disable-vnc --disable-sdl --disable-gtk
      $ make -j8
      $ export QEMU_ESP32=${HOME}/tools/qemu_esp32/xtensa-softmmu/qemu-system-xtensa

To build the application, follow these steps:

Using QEMU

  • Setup ESP32 QEMU. This will build QEMU and install necessary artifacts to run unit tests.

  • Run specific unit tests

      idf make -C build/chip/src/crypto/tests check