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# Run this script to generate the configure script and other files that will
# be included in the distribution. These files are not checked in because they
# are automatically generated.
set -e
if [ ! -z "$@" ]; then
for argument in "$@"; do
case $argument in
# make curl silent
# Check that we're being run from the right directory.
if test ! -f src/google/protobuf/stubs/common.h; then
cat >&2 << __EOF__
Could not find source code. Make sure you are running this script from the
root of the distribution tree.
exit 1
set -ex
# The absence of a m4 directory in googletest causes autoreconf to fail when
# building under the CentOS docker image. It's a warning in regular build on
# Ubuntu/gLinux as well. (This is only needed if git submodules have been
# initialized, which is typically only needed for testing; see the installation
# instructions for details.)
if test -d third_party/googletest; then
mkdir -p third_party/googletest/m4
# TODO(kenton): Remove the ",no-obsolete" part and fix the resulting warnings.
autoreconf -f -i -Wall,no-obsolete
rm -rf autom4te.cache
exit 0