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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright (c) 2021 Raspberry Pi (Trading) Ltd.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
# Script to scan the Raspberry Pi Pico SDK tree searching for configuration items
# Outputs a tab separated file of the configuration item:
# name location description type advanced default depends enumvalues group max min
# Usage:
# ./ <root of source tree> [output file]
# If not specified, output file will be `pico_configs.tsv`
import os
import sys
import re
import csv
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
scandir = sys.argv[1]
outfile = sys.argv[2] if len(sys.argv) > 2 else 'pico_configs.tsv'
CONFIG_RE = re.compile(r'//\s+PICO_CONFIG:\s+(\w+),\s+([^,]+)(?:,\s+(.*))?$')
DEFINE_RE = re.compile(r'#define\s+(\w+)\s+(.+?)(\s*///.*)?$')
all_configs = {}
all_attrs = set()
all_descriptions = {}
all_defines = {}
def ValidateAttrs(config_attrs):
_type = config_attrs.get('type', 'int')
# Validate attrs
if _type == 'int':
assert 'enumvalues' not in config_attrs
_min = _max = _default = None
if config_attrs.get('min', None) is not None:
value = config_attrs['min']
m = re.match(r'^(\d+)e(\d+)$', value.lower())
if m:
_min = int( * 10**int(
_min = int(value, 0)
if config_attrs.get('max', None) is not None:
value = config_attrs['max']
m = re.match(r'^(\d+)e(\d+)$', value.lower())
if m:
_max = int( * 10**int(
_max = int(value, 0)
if config_attrs.get('default', None) is not None:
if '/' not in config_attrs['default']:
value = config_attrs['default']
m = re.match(r'^(\d+)e(\d+)$', value.lower())
if m:
_default = int( * 10**int(
_default = int(value, 0)
except ValueError:
if _min is not None and _max is not None:
if _min > _max:
raise Exception('{} at {}:{} has min {} > max {}'.format(config_name, file_path, linenum, config_attrs['min'], config_attrs['max']))
if _min is not None and _default is not None:
if _min > _default:
raise Exception('{} at {}:{} has min {} > default {}'.format(config_name, file_path, linenum, config_attrs['min'], config_attrs['default']))
if _default is not None and _max is not None:
if _default > _max:
raise Exception('{} at {}:{} has default {} > max {}'.format(config_name, file_path, linenum, config_attrs['default'], config_attrs['max']))
elif _type == 'bool':
assert 'min' not in config_attrs
assert 'max' not in config_attrs
assert 'enumvalues' not in config_attrs
_default = config_attrs.get('default', None)
if _default is not None:
if '/' not in _default:
if (_default.lower() != '0') and (config_attrs['default'].lower() != '1') and ( _default not in all_configs):'{} at {}:{} has non-integer default value "{}"'.format(config_name, file_path, linenum, config_attrs['default']))
elif _type == 'enum':
assert 'min' not in config_attrs
assert 'max' not in config_attrs
assert 'enumvalues' in config_attrs
_enumvalues = tuple(config_attrs['enumvalues'].split('|'))
_default = None
if config_attrs.get('default', None) is not None:
_default = config_attrs['default']
if _default is not None:
if _default not in _enumvalues:
raise Exception('{} at {}:{} has default value {} which isn\'t in list of enumvalues {}'.format(config_name, file_path, linenum, config_attrs['default'], config_attrs['enumvalues']))
raise Exception("Found unknown PICO_CONFIG type {} at {}:{}".format(_type, file_path, linenum))
# Scan all .c and .h files in the specific path, recursively.
for dirpath, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(scandir):
for filename in filenames:
file_ext = os.path.splitext(filename)[1]
if file_ext in ('.c', '.h'):
file_path = os.path.join(dirpath, filename)
with open(file_path, encoding="ISO-8859-1") as fh:
linenum = 0
for line in fh.readlines():
linenum += 1
line = line.strip()
m = CONFIG_RE.match(line)
if m:
config_name =
config_description =
_attrs =
# allow commas to appear inside brackets by converting them to and from NULL chars
_attrs = re.sub(r'(\(.+\))', lambda m:',', '\0'), _attrs)
if '=' in config_description:
raise Exception("For {} at {}:{} the description was set to '{}' - has the description field been omitted?".format(config_name, file_path, linenum, config_description))
if config_description in all_descriptions:
raise Exception("Found description {} at {}:{} but it was already used at {}:{}".format(config_description, file_path, linenum, os.path.join(scandir, all_descriptions[config_description]['filename']), all_descriptions[config_description]['line_number']))
all_descriptions[config_description] = {'config_name': config_name, 'filename': os.path.relpath(file_path, scandir), 'line_number': linenum}
config_attrs = {}
prev = None
# Handle case where attr value contains a comma
for item in _attrs.split(','):
if "=" not in item:
item = prev + "," + item
k, v = (i.strip() for i in item.split('='))
except ValueError:
raise Exception('{} at {}:{} has malformed value {}'.format(config_name, file_path, linenum, item))
config_attrs[k] = v.replace('\0', ',')
prev = item
#print(file_path, config_name, config_attrs)
if 'group' not in config_attrs:
raise Exception('{} at {}:{} has no group attribute'.format(config_name, file_path, linenum))
#print(file_path, config_name, config_attrs)
if config_name in all_configs:
raise Exception("Found {} at {}:{} but it was already declared at {}:{}".format(config_name, file_path, linenum, os.path.join(scandir, all_configs[config_name]['filename']), all_configs[config_name]['line_number']))
all_configs[config_name] = {'attrs': config_attrs, 'filename': os.path.relpath(file_path, scandir), 'line_number': linenum, 'description': config_description}
m = DEFINE_RE.match(line)
if m:
name =
value =
# discard any 'u' qualifier
m = re.match(r'^((0x)?\d+)u$', value.lower())
if m:
value =
# discard any '_u(X)' macro
m = re.match(r'^_u\(((0x)?\d+)\)$', value.lower())
if m:
value =
if name not in all_defines:
all_defines[name] = dict()
if value not in all_defines[name]:
all_defines[name][value] = set()
all_defines[name][value] = (file_path, linenum)
# Check for defines with missing PICO_CONFIG entries
resolved_defines = dict()
for d in all_defines:
if d not in all_configs and d.startswith("PICO_"):
logger.warning("Potential unmarked PICO define {}".format(d))
# resolve "nested defines" - this allows e.g. USB_DPRAM_MAX to resolve to USB_DPRAM_SIZE which is set to 4096 (which then matches the relevant PICO_CONFIG entry)
for val in all_defines[d]:
if val in all_defines:
resolved_defines[d] = all_defines[val]
for config_name in all_configs:
# Check that default values match up
if 'default' in all_configs[config_name]['attrs']:
if config_name in all_defines:
if all_configs[config_name]['attrs']['default'] not in all_defines[config_name] and (config_name not in resolved_defines or all_configs[config_name]['attrs']['default'] not in resolved_defines[config_name]):
if '/' in all_configs[config_name]['attrs']['default'] or ' ' in all_configs[config_name]['attrs']['default']:
# There _may_ be multiple matching defines, but arbitrarily display just one in the error message
first_define_value = list(all_defines[config_name].keys())[0]
raise Exception('Found {} at {}:{} with a default of {}, but #define says {} (at {}:{})'.format(config_name, os.path.join(scandir, all_configs[config_name]['filename']), all_configs[config_name]['line_number'], all_configs[config_name]['attrs']['default'], first_define_value, all_defines[config_name][first_define_value][0], all_defines[config_name][first_define_value][1]))
raise Exception('Found {} at {}:{} with a default of {}, but no matching #define found'.format(config_name, os.path.join(scandir, all_configs[config_name]['filename']), all_configs[config_name]['line_number'], all_configs[config_name]['attrs']['default']))
with open(outfile, 'w', newline='') as csvfile:
fieldnames = ('name', 'location', 'description', 'type') + tuple(sorted(all_attrs - set(['type'])))
writer = csv.DictWriter(csvfile, fieldnames=fieldnames, extrasaction='ignore', dialect='excel-tab')
for config_name in sorted(all_configs):
writer.writerow({'name': config_name, 'location': '{}:{}'.format(all_configs[config_name]['filename'], all_configs[config_name]['line_number']), 'description': all_configs[config_name]['description'], **all_configs[config_name]['attrs']})