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# All these sections are optional, edit this file as you like.
ignore=title-trailing-punctuation, T3, title-max-length, T1
# verbosity should be a value between 1 and 3, the commandline -v flags take precedence over this
verbosity = 3
# By default gitlint will ignore merge commits. Set to 'false' to disable.
# Enable debug mode (prints more output). Disabled by default
debug = false
# Set the extra-path where gitlint will search for user defined rules
# See for details
regex = ^(([^:]+):)(\s([^:]+):)*\s(.+)$
# Comma-separated list of words that should not occur in the title. Matching is case
# insensitive. It's fine if the keyword occurs as part of a larger word (so "WIPING"
# will not cause a violation, but "WIP: my title" will.
# python like regex ( that the
# commit-msg title must be matched to.
# Note that the regex can contradict with other rules if not used correctly
# (e.g. title-must-not-contain-word).
# B1 = body-max-line-length
# Whether to ignore this rule on merge commits (which typically only have a title)
# default = True
# List of files that need to be explicitly mentioned in the body when they are changed
# This is useful for when developers often erroneously edit certain files or git submodules.
# By specifying this rule, developers can only change the file when they explicitly reference
# it in the commit message.