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# Copyright (c) 2017 Linaro Limited.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
'''ARC architecture-specific runner.'''
from os import path
import os
import shlex
from .core import ZephyrBinaryRunner, get_env_or_bail
class ArcBinaryRunner(ZephyrBinaryRunner):
'''Runner front-end for the ARC architecture, using openocd.'''
# This unusual 'flash' implementation matches the original shell script.
# It works by starting a GDB server in a separate session, connecting a
# client to it to load the program, and running 'continue' within the
# client to execute the application.
# TODO: exit immediately when flashing is done, leaving Zephyr running.
def __init__(self, elf, zephyr_base, arch, board_name,
gdb, openocd='openocd', extra_init=None, default_path=None,
tui=None, tcl_port=DEFAULT_ARC_TCL_PORT,
gdb_port=DEFAULT_ARC_GDB_PORT, debug=False):
super(ArcBinaryRunner, self).__init__(debug=debug)
self.elf = elf
self.zephyr_base = zephyr_base
self.arch = arch
self.board_name = board_name
self.gdb = gdb
search_args = []
if default_path is not None:
search_args = ['-s', default_path]
self.openocd_cmd = [openocd] + search_args
self.extra_init = extra_init if extra_init is not None else [] = tui
self.tcl_port = tcl_port
self.telnet_port = telnet_port
self.gdb_port = gdb_port
def replaces_shell_script(shell_script, command):
return (command in {'flash', 'debug', 'debugserver'} and
shell_script == '')
def create_from_env(command, debug):
'''Create runner from environment.
- O: build output directory
- KERNEL_ELF_NAME: zephyr kernel binary in ELF format
- ZEPHYR_BASE: zephyr Git repository base directory
- ARCH: board architecture
- BOARD_NAME: zephyr name of board
- GDB: gdb executable
- OPENOCD: path to openocd, defaults to openocd
- OPENOCD_EXTRA_INIT: initialization command for GDB server
- OPENOCD_DEFAULT_PATH: openocd search path to use
- TUI: if present, passed to gdb server used to flash
- TCL_PORT: openocd TCL port, defaults to 6333
- TELNET_PORT: openocd telnet port, defaults to 4444
- GDB_PORT: openocd gdb port, defaults to 3333
elf = path.join(get_env_or_bail('O'),
zephyr_base = get_env_or_bail('ZEPHYR_BASE')
arch = get_env_or_bail('ARCH')
board_name = get_env_or_bail('BOARD_NAME')
gdb = get_env_or_bail('GDB')
openocd = os.environ.get('OPENOCD', 'openocd')
extra_init = os.environ.get('OPENOCD_EXTRA_INIT', None)
if extra_init is not None:
extra_init = shlex.split(extra_init)
default_path = os.environ.get('OPENOCD_DEFAULT_PATH', None)
tui = os.environ.get('TUI', None)
tcl_port = int(os.environ.get('TCL_PORT',
telnet_port = int(os.environ.get('TELNET_PORT',
gdb_port = int(os.environ.get('GDB_PORT',
return ArcBinaryRunner(elf, zephyr_base, arch, board_name,
gdb, openocd=openocd, extra_init=extra_init,
default_path=default_path, tui=tui,
tcl_port=tcl_port, telnet_port=telnet_port,
gdb_port=gdb_port, debug=debug)
def run(self, command, **kwargs):
if command not in {'flash', 'debug', 'debugserver'}:
raise ValueError('{} is not supported'.format(command))
kwargs['openocd-cfg'] = path.join(self.zephyr_base, 'boards',
self.arch, self.board_name,
'support', 'openocd.cfg')
if command in {'flash', 'debug'}:
self.flash_debug(command, **kwargs)
def flash_debug(self, command, **kwargs):
config = kwargs['openocd-cfg']
server_cmd = (self.openocd_cmd +
['-f', config] +
self.extra_init +
['-c', 'tcl_port {}'.format(self.tcl_port),
'-c', 'telnet_port {}'.format(self.telnet_port),
'-c', 'gdb_port {}'.format(self.gdb_port),
'-c', 'init',
'-c', 'targets',
'-c', 'halt'])
tui_arg = []
if is not None:
tui_arg = []
continue_arg = []
if command == 'flash':
continue_arg = ['-ex', 'c']
gdb_cmd = ([self.gdb] +
tui_arg +
['-ex', 'target remote :{}'.format(self.gdb_port),
'-ex', 'load'] +
continue_arg +
self.run_server_and_client(server_cmd, gdb_cmd)
def debugserver(self, **kwargs):
config = kwargs['openocd-cfg']
cmd = (self.openocd_cmd +
['-f', config,
'-c', 'init',
'-c', 'targets',
'-c', 'reset halt'])