name: External Source Code about: Submit a proposal to integrate external source code title: '' labels: TSC assignees: ''


Name of project hosting the original open source code Provide a link to the source


Brief description of what this software does

Mode of integration

Describe whether you'd like to integrate this external component in the main tree or as a module, and why. If the mode of integration is a module, suggest a repository name for the module


List the person(s) that will be maintaining the integration of this external code for the foreseeable future. Please use GitHub IDs to identify them. You can choose to identify a single maintainer only or add collaborators as well

Pull Request

Pull request (if any) with the actual implementation of the integration, be it in the main tree or as a module (pointing to your own fork for now). Make sure the PR is correctly labeled as “DNM”


Long description that will help reviewers discuss suitability of the component to solve the problem at hand (there may be a better options available.)

What is its primary functionality (e.g., SQLLite is a lightweight database)?

What problem are you trying to solve? (e.g., a state store is required to maintain ...)

Why is this the right component to solve it (e.g., SQLite is small, easy to use, and has a very liberal license.)


What other components does this package depend on?

Will the Zephyr project have a direct dependency on the component, or will it be included via an abstraction layer with this component as a replaceable implementation?


Version or SHA you would like to integrate initially


Please use an SPDX identifier (, such as BSD-3-Clause