name: Contributor Nomination about: Nominate a GitHub user for additional rights on the Zephyr Project title: '' labels: Role Nomination assignees: ''


The TSC Project Roles defines the main roles for the Zephyr Project, including Maintainer, Collaborator, and Contributor.

By default anyone that contributes code or documentation is a Contributor, but with the lowest GitHub Permission Level of Read. For example, Contributors with Read permission do not have the permission to add reviewers to a pull request.

Use this template to nominate a GitHub user for an elevated permission level in the Contributor role.


GitHub User

Provide the following information about the GitHub user:

  1. Full Name
  2. GitHub username
  3. Organization (optional)

Supporting Documents

Add links to 3-5 GitHub pull requests, in the Zephyr project, authored or reviewed by the GitHub user that demonstrate the user's dedication to the Zephyr project.