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This section targets end users, TSC members, maintainers and anyone else that might need a quick explanation of your proposed change.

Problem description

Why do we want this change and what problem are we trying to address?

Proposed change

A brief summary of the proposed change - the 10,000 ft view on what it will change once this change is implemented.

Detailed RFC

In this section of the document the target audience is the dev team. Upon reading this section each engineer should have a rather clear picture of what needs to be done in order to implement the described feature.

Proposed change (Detailed)

This section is freeform - you should describe your change in as much detail as possible. Please also ensure to include any context or background info here. For example, do we have existing components which can be reused or altered.

By reading this section, each team member should be able to know what exactly you're planning to change and how.


Highlight how the change may affect the rest of the project (new components, modifications in other areas), or other teams/projects.

Concerns and Unresolved Questions

List any concerns, unknowns, and generally unresolved questions etc.


List any alternatives considered, and the reasons for choosing this option over them.