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* Copyright (c) 2022 Nordic Semiconductor ASA
* SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
#include "lwm2m_object.h"
int lwm2m_notify_observer(uint16_t obj_id, uint16_t obj_inst_id, uint16_t res_id);
int lwm2m_notify_observer_path(struct lwm2m_obj_path *path);
#define MAX_TOKEN_LEN 8
struct observe_node {
sys_snode_t node;
sys_slist_t path_list; /* List of Observation path */
uint8_t token[MAX_TOKEN_LEN]; /* Observation Token */
int64_t event_timestamp; /* Timestamp for trig next Notify */
int64_t last_timestamp; /* Timestamp from last Notify */
uint32_t counter;
uint16_t format;
uint8_t tkl;
bool resource_update : 1; /* Resource is updated */
bool composite : 1; /* Composite Observation */
bool active_tx_operation : 1; /* Active Notification process ongoing */
/* Attribute handling. */
struct lwm2m_attr *lwm2m_engine_get_next_attr(const void *ref, struct lwm2m_attr *prev);
const char *lwm2m_engine_get_attr_name(const struct lwm2m_attr *attr);
void clear_attrs(void *ref);
int64_t engine_observe_shedule_next_event(struct observe_node *obs, uint16_t srv_obj_inst,
const int64_t timestamp);
void remove_observer_from_list(struct lwm2m_ctx *ctx, sys_snode_t *prev_node,
struct observe_node *obs);
struct observe_node *engine_observe_node_discover(sys_slist_t *observe_node_list,
sys_snode_t **prev_node,
sys_slist_t *lwm2m_path_list,
const uint8_t *token, uint8_t tkl);
int engine_remove_observer_by_token(struct lwm2m_ctx *ctx, const uint8_t *token, uint8_t tkl);
int lwm2m_write_attr_handler(struct lwm2m_engine_obj *obj, struct lwm2m_message *msg);
int lwm2m_engine_observation_handler(struct lwm2m_message *msg, int observe, uint16_t accept,
bool composite);
void engine_remove_observer_by_id(uint16_t obj_id, int32_t obj_inst_id);
/* path object list */
struct lwm2m_obj_path_list {
sys_snode_t node;
struct lwm2m_obj_path path;
/* Initialize path list */
void lwm2m_engine_path_list_init(sys_slist_t *lwm2m_path_list, sys_slist_t *lwm2m_free_list,
struct lwm2m_obj_path_list path_object_buf[],
uint8_t path_object_size);
/* Add new Path to the list */
int lwm2m_engine_add_path_to_list(sys_slist_t *lwm2m_path_list, sys_slist_t *lwm2m_free_list,
struct lwm2m_obj_path *path);
int lwm2m_get_path_reference_ptr(struct lwm2m_engine_obj *obj, struct lwm2m_obj_path *path,
void **ref);
/* Remove paths when parent already exist in the list. */
void lwm2m_engine_clear_duplicate_path(sys_slist_t *lwm2m_path_list, sys_slist_t *lwm2m_free_list);
/* Resources */
sys_slist_t *lwm2m_obs_obj_path_list(void);
#endif /* LWM2M_OBSERVATION_H */