[roll third_party/pigweed] workspace: Switches Bazel builds to using facades

Switches over all packages that were previously working with Bazel
to use the new facades API. In the process of doing this a few new
modules where newly compatible with Bazel. This is reflected in the
changes to the presubmit.

Original-Reviewed-on: https://pigweed-review.googlesource.com/c/pigweed/pigweed/+/41561

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Cq-Cl-Tag: roller-bid:8848417757740642416
CQ-Do-Not-Cancel-Tryjobs: true
Change-Id: Ie5ccd9f951803efaa5052f2b4da72726c4b36654
Reviewed-on: https://pigweed-review.googlesource.com/c/pigweed/experimental/+/43340
Reviewed-by: Pigweed Integration Roller <pigweed-integration-roller@pigweed.google.com.iam.gserviceaccount.com>
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  24. pw_spin_delay_arduino/
  25. pw_spin_delay_host/
  26. pw_spin_delay_stm32cubef4/
  27. pw_spin_delay_stm32f429i_disc1/
  28. pw_sys_io_stm32cubef4/
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Pigweed Experimental

This repository contains experimental pigweed modules.

Repository setup

Clone this repo with --recursive to get all required submodules.

git clone --recursive https://pigweed.googlesource.com/pigweed/experimental

This will pull the Pigweed source repository into third_party/pigweed. If you already cloned but forgot to --recursive run git submodule update --init to pull all submodules.