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Boringssl Library

The folder hosts Boringssl library source code in src subfolder. A build script ( is added and currently provides a library target configured to accommodate baremetal use. Specifically, source files that require file system and posix socket support are excluded from compilation. Multithread and assembly implementation of crypto algorithm are disabled. To use the library, add “//third_party/boringssl:boringssl_baremetal” to the dependency list.

BUILD.generated.gni, BUILD.generated_tests.gni, and err_data.c are generated by based on the current version of Boringssl source code. If the version of the source code bumps up, it may be necessary to re-run the script to make sure they are in sync. The script only supports python2. To re-generate the files, run:

python2 ./ gn

TODO(zyecheng): Figure out a rolling policy to auto-update generated files.