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Picotls Library

The folder hosts picotls library. A build script is provided and currently defines a library target picotls_lib_baremetal for use in other modules. The target has a dependency on //third_party/boringssl:crypto_lib_baremetal for cryptography algorithms.

The library has a bug in lib/openssl.c that incorrectly sets the expected purpose attribute of root CA certificates for verification. A patch fix_cert_purpose_patch.diff is provided to fix the problem. Enter source folder src and run git apply ../fix_cert_purpose_patch.diff to fix the bug.

About the bug, as client, the library expects the provided root CA to have client authentication extended usage. But it should in fact be expecting server authentication extended usage instead. Most CA certificates offer both. But some CA certificates are more specific and only offer server authenticattion usage, i.e. GTS CA 101 used by This causes certificate verification to fail.