[pigweed] Roll 52 commits

bcb4b2dcaa8bd00 pw_spi: Remove std::optional from docs and tests
a31bf73ec2d957c pw_{containers,string}: Remove string features fro
e05bff34950ca4a pw_build: Minor doc formatting and spelling fix
b315b31cfeb55bd pw_transfer:  Fix File Transfer Handler
2b3de520628ff87 pw_rpc: Publicly expose pwpb method serde
7bc505807e92dd4 pw_presubmit: Update non-inclusive words list
ccd351b2c1f15e3 pw_rpc: Expose PacketMeta::payload
339dadf88ca5012 pw_build: Error out when copying two .whl with the
d3044a85d0a23e3 pw_presubmit: Ignore svc account commit messages
424825c9830d77f pw_bloat: Empty ASCII table for identical diff rep
af08301d3ef8999 pw_ide: VS Code uses ${env:HOME}
fa0ce6b97ba198e pw_string: Append()/Assign() helpers for pw::Inlin
e7c0319a82b0e73 pw_presubmit: Add submodule discovery code
ba33d438d903f77 pw_span: Add IWYU pragma
13a5f2a375c7d57 pw_bluetooth: Move LocalService handle to LocalSer
289e0c1b87bece3 pw_protobuf_compiler: Default python packages to i
b2baaca8eef7af6 pw_bluetooth: Replace pw::Vector with pw::span on
30679ca7972aafd pw_build: Check the library type in pw_add_library
3bfceac6441a13b pw_toolchain: arm_none_eabi_gcc_support library
edf53b2f0cd9384 docs: Clarify commit message footers
99c5463d2c830d2 pw_unit_test: Provide start_time to ResultDB
bcf38c3a86fb97b pw_thread: Move protos to pw.thread.proto
bc8a2633c33ebfc pw_unit_test: Provide TestMetadata to ResultDB
71a3266aa316744 pw_string: Match std::string semantics for literal
3da49f09465804b targets/docs: Use tokenized asserts/logs
e29d6c08846adba pw_protobuf: More protobuf size reports
15961aae7313137 pw_metric: Removing references to Xooglers
ab53e2a7115d5fc pw_protobuf: Add encoder+decoder size reports
919d1831a6f337e pw_toolchain: Implement Newlib OS interface functi
71e8310be2e24d6 pw_toolchain: Wrap the C standard library abort fu
6d68798c659f9cc pw_{multisync, thread}: Enforce pw::Status return
340b0802a69431e pw_bloat: Fix default data source
4523f2b46b7612b pw_thread: Update Options detached clarification
a71a40baac64d7d pw_presubmit: Allow relands in commit message fmt
41dad1aa8fb7270 pw_presubmit: Remove deprecated install_hook funct
4da92fec3accc6f pw_snapshot: Add reason token in snapshot report
872bb2b1508ea48 pw_software_update: Fix recursive lock acquisition
89056eab62bab00 pw_software_update: Fix recursive lock acquisition
37d9c872d26018b pw_env_setup: Skip downloading overridden packages
dddd138409776b4 pw_unit_test: Changed static assert message to inc
a6676010d834fa2 pw_watch: Use prompt_toolkit instead of input
bee840f3cf39fe2 pw_rpc: Delete dead code for raw sync RPCs
72940d68c20122e Revert "pw_env_setup: Skip downloading overridden
fa1dc6208a48e84 pw_env_setup: Skip downloading overridden packages
df6f1d5e7e918c0 pw_thread_freertos: Fix peak stack usage capture s
e2549f9fd4a61ec pw_presubmit: Check style of the first line of the
578c05bd7f41510 pw_unit_test: Fix forward for result sink bug
5e6ec727faa4923 pw_function: Adding missing dependency in Bazel fo
eb3a6295df0bc14 pw_toolchain: Use -Wpedantic in Clang CMake builds
064aecc4c15ae4d pw_base64, pw_tokenizer: Support Base64 encoding t
0f6818d346a63bb pw_unit_test: Support ResultDB upload
eda41b1e6b7edef roll: host_tools

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