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This directory consumes tools from other repositories for use on the
bots. For a similarly-configured local checkout for testing, run:
mkdir boringssl-gclient
cd boringssl-gclient
gclient config --unmanaged --deps-file=util/bot/DEPS
gclient sync
To update to newer revisions, follow these instructions:
DEPS: Update the variables as described in the comments. Set CLANG_REVISION and CLANG_SUB_REVISION to the values used in
Chromium, found at Update _GetDesiredVsToolchainHashes from Chromium, found at
This may require taking other updates to that file. (Don't remove MSVC
versions if BoringSSL still needs to support them.)
The .sha1 files correspond to files downloaded from Google Cloud Storage. To
update, place the updated files in their intended location and run: -b chromium-tools FILE
nasm-win32.exe: Update to the appropriate release of NASM, found at Use the same version as Chromium, found at
Extract nasm.exe from the download named
The current revision is
TODO(davidben): The Chromium link currently does not work. It will get
filled in in the future. See Update to the latest 64-bit prebuilt "Portable" edition of
Strawberry Perl, found at The
download will be named
The current revision is
Finally, update sde-linux64.tar.xz and sde-win32.tar.xz by downloading the
latet release from Intel at,
but upload it with the following command. (Note the bucket is different.) -b chrome-boringssl-sde sde-linux64.tar.xz sde-win32.tar.xz
The current revision is sde-external-9.0.0-2021-11-07-*.tar.xz.
When adding new files, remember to update .gitignore.