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# A sample Makefile for building Google Test and using it in user
# tests. Please tweak it to suit your environment and project. You
# may want to move it to your project's root directory.
# make [all] - makes everything.
# make TARGET - makes the given target.
# make clean - removes all files generated by make.
# Please tweak the following variable definitions as needed by your
# project, except GTEST_HEADERS, which you can use in your own targets
# but shouldn't modify.
# Points to the root of Google Test, relative to where this file is.
# Remember to tweak this if you move this file.
# Points to the location of the Google Test libraries
# Where to find user code.
USER_DIR = ../samples
# Flags passed to the preprocessor.
# Set Google Test's header directory as a system directory, such that
# the compiler doesn't generate warnings in Google Test headers.
CPPFLAGS += -isystem $(GTEST_DIR)/include
# Flags passed to the C++ compiler.
CXXFLAGS += -g -Wall -Wextra -pthread -std=c++11
# Google Test libraries
GTEST_LIBS = libgtest.a libgtest_main.a
# All tests produced by this Makefile. Remember to add new tests you
# created to the list.
TESTS = sample1_unittest
# All Google Test headers. Usually you shouldn't change this
# definition.
GTEST_HEADERS = $(GTEST_DIR)/include/gtest/*.h \
# House-keeping build targets.
all : $(GTEST_LIBS) $(TESTS)
clean :
rm -f $(GTEST_LIBS) $(TESTS) *.o
# Builds gtest.a and gtest_main.a.
# Usually you shouldn't tweak such internal variables, indicated by a
# trailing _.
# For simplicity and to avoid depending on Google Test's
# implementation details, the dependencies specified below are
# conservative and not optimized. This is fine as Google Test
# compiles fast and for ordinary users its source rarely changes.
gtest-all.o : $(GTEST_SRCS_)
gtest_main.o : $(GTEST_SRCS_)
libgtest.a : gtest-all.o
$(AR) $(ARFLAGS) $@ $^
libgtest_main.a : gtest-all.o gtest_main.o
$(AR) $(ARFLAGS) $@ $^
# Builds a sample test. A test should link with either gtest.a or
# gtest_main.a, depending on whether it defines its own main()
# function.
sample1.o : $(USER_DIR)/ $(USER_DIR)/sample1.h $(GTEST_HEADERS)
sample1_unittest.o : $(USER_DIR)/ \
$(USER_DIR)/sample1.h $(GTEST_HEADERS)
sample1_unittest : sample1.o sample1_unittest.o $(GTEST_LIBS)
$(CXX) $(CPPFLAGS) $(CXXFLAGS) -L$(GTEST_LIB_DIR) -lgtest_main -lpthread $^ -o $@