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mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
Note that the default build flags in the top-leve CMakeLists.txt are for
debugging - optimisation isn't enabled.
If you'll be building a lot, then installing Ninja[1] is highly recommended.
Wipe out the build directory and recreate it, but using:
cmake -GNinja ..
If you want to cross-compile then there are example toolchain files for 32-bit
Intel and ARM in util/. Wipe out the build directory, recreate it and run cmake
like this:
cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../util/arm-toolchain.cmake -GNinja ..
If you want to build as a shared library you need to tweak the STATIC tags in
the CMakeLists.txts and also define BORINGSSL_SHARED_LIBRARY and
BORINGSSL_IMPLEMENTATION. On Windows, where functions need to be tagged with
"dllimport" when coming from a shared library, you need just
BORINGSSL_SHARED_LIBRARY defined in the code which #includes the BoringSSL
To build on Windows, Yasm[2] is required for assembly. Either ensure yasm.exe
is in %PATH% or configure CMAKE_ASM_NASM_COMPILER appropriately. Note that
full Windows support is still in progress.