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API changes
* For all functions that take a random number generator (RNG) as a
parameter, this parameter is now mandatory (that is, NULL is not an
acceptable value). Functions which previously accepted NULL and now
reject it are: the X.509 CRT and CSR writing functions; the PK and RSA
sign and decrypt function; mbedtls_rsa_private(); the functions
in DHM and ECDH that compute the shared secret; the scalar multiplication
functions in ECP.
* The following functions now require an RNG parameter:
mbedtls_ecp_check_pub_priv(), mbedtls_pk_check_pair(),
mbedtls_pk_parse_key(), mbedtls_pk_parse_keyfile().
* The configuration option MBEDTLS_ECP_NO_INTERNAL_RNG has been removed as
it no longer had any effect.