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The various 'test_suite_XXX' programs from the 'tests' directory, executed
using 'make check' (Unix make) or 'make test' (Cmake), include test cases
(reference test vectors, sanity checks, malformed input for parsing
functions, etc.) for all modules except the SSL modules.
The 'programs/test/selftest' program runs the 'XXX_self_test()' functions
of each individual module. Most of them are included in the respective
test suite, but some slower ones are only included here.
The 'tests/' script checks interoperability with OpenSSL and
GnuTLS (and ourselves!) for every common ciphersuite, in every TLS
version, both ways (client/server), using client authentication or not.
For each ciphersuite/version/side/authmode it performs a full handshake
and a small data exchange.
The 'tests/' script checks various options and/or operations not
covered by session resumption (using session cache or tickets),
renegotiation, SNI, other extensions, etc.