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Armv8-A architecture support

The Armv8-A architecture introduces the ability to use 64-bit and 32-bit Execution states, known as AArch64 and AArch32 respectively. The AArch64 Execution state supports the A64 instruction set. It holds addresses in 64-bit registers and allows instructions in the base instruction set to use 64-bit registers for their processing.

The AArch32 Execution state is a 32-bit Execution state that preserves backwards compatibility with the Armv7-A architecture, enhancing that profile so that it can support some features included in the AArch64 state. It supports the T32 and A32 instruction sets. Follow the link for more information.

ARM_AARCH64 port

This port adds support for Armv8-A architecture AArch64 execution state. This port is generic and can be used as a starting point for Armv8-A application processors.

    • Memory mapped interface to access Arm GIC registers