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 ### Contributor License Agreement (CLA)
-* The Pull Request feature will be considered by STMicroelectronics only after a **Contributor License Agreement (CLA)** mechanism has been deployed.
-* We are currently working on the set-up of this procedure. 
+* The Pull Request feature will be considered by STMicroelectronics after the signature of a **Contributor License Agreement (CLA)** by the submiter.
+* If you have not signed such agreement, please follow the rules mentioned in the CONTRIBUTING.md file. 
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 When you have checked the previous boxes. You will find two templates Issues (Bug Report or Other Issue) available in the **Issues** tab of the repo
 ### 3. Pull Requests
-For the moment, the Pull Request feature is not deployed. STMicrolectronics is working on a Contributor License Agreement procedure
+STMicrolectronics is happy to receive contributions from the community, based on an initial Contributor License Agreement (CLA) procedure.
+**From April 7th 2020**
+* If you are an individual writing original source code and you are sure you own the intellectual property, then you need to sign an Individual CLA (https://cla.st.com)
+* If you work for a company that wants also to allow you to contribute your work, your company needs to provide a Corporate CLA (https://cla.st.com) mentioning your GitHub account name
+* If you’re not sure that a CLA (Individual or Corporate) has been signed for your GitHub account you can check here (https://cla.st.com). Please note that Corporate CLA will always take precedence over Individual CLA
+One CLA submition is sufficient, for any project proposed by STMicroelectronics
+#### How to proceed
+* We recommend to engage first a communication thru an **Issue**, in order to present your proposal. Just to confirm that it correspond to STMicroelectronics domain or scope.
+* Then fork the project in your GitHub account to further develop your contribution. Please use the latest commit version.
+* Please, submit one Pull Request for one new feature or proposal. This will ease the analysis and final merge if accepted