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+# Report potential product security vulnerabilities
+ST places a high priority on security, and our Product Security Incident
+Response Team (PSIRT) is committed to rapidly addressing potential security
+vulnerabilities affecting our products. PSIRT's long history and vast experience
+in security allows ST to perform clear analyses and provide appropriate guidance
+on mitigations and solutions when applicable.
+If you wish to report potential security vulnerabilities regarding our products,
+**please do not report them through public GitHub issues.** Instead, we
+encourage you to report them to our ST PSIRT following the process described at:
+STMicroelectronics International N.V., on behalf of itself, its affiliates and
+subsidiaries, (collectively “ST”) takes all potential security vulnerability
+reports or other related communications (“Report(s)”) seriously. In order to
+review Your Report (the terms “You” and “Yours” include your employer, and all
+affiliates, subsidiaries and related persons or entities) and take actions as
+deemed appropriate, ST requires that we have the rights and Your permission to
+do so.
+As such, by submitting Your Report to ST, You agree that You have the right to
+do so, and You grant to ST the rights to use the Report for purposes related to
+security vulnerability analysis, testing, correction, patching, reporting and
+any other related purpose or function.
+By submitting Your Report, You agree that ST’s
+[Privacy Policy](
+applies to all related communications.