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  1. df7a655 Add aspect_rules_js to MODULE.bazel (#2618) by David Zbarsky · 6 hours ago upstream/main
  2. 72d1d4a Add clippy_flag flag to allow flags to be added in succession. (#2625) by Brian Granaghan · 6 hours ago
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  4. 825aef9 Release 0.42.1 (#2614) by UebelAndre · 8 days ago 0.42.1
  5. f960192 Test BCR example in minimum bazel (#2613) by Daniel Wagner-Hall · 8 days ago

Rust Rules

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This repository provides rules for building Rust projects with Bazel.


General discussions and announcements take place in the GitHub Discussions, but there are additional places where community members gather to discuss rules_rust.


Please refer to the full documentation.