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Stardoc - Starlark Documentation Generator

Build status

Stardoc is a documentation generator for Bazel build rules written in Starlark.

Stardoc provides a Starlark rule (stardoc, see documentation) that can be used to build documentation for Starlark rules in Markdown. Stardoc generates one documentation page per .bzlfile.

Get Started

About Stardoc

Project Status

Skydoc deprecation

Stardoc is a replacement for the deprecated “Skydoc” documentation generator.

See Skydoc Deprecation for details on the deprecation and migration details.

Future plans

See our future plans for refactoring Stardoc to be more consistent with how Bazel evaluates .bzl files, and what it means for maintenance of this project.

Maintainer's guide

See the maintaner's guide for instructions for cutting a new release.