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 (Please read the [previous](#asserting-using-gmock-matchers) section first if
 you haven't.)
-You can use the gMock
-[string matchers]( with
-`EXPECT_THAT()` or `ASSERT_THAT()` to do more string comparison tricks
+You can use the gMock [string matchers](reference/
+with `EXPECT_THAT()` or `ASSERT_THAT()` to do more string comparison tricks
 (sub-string, prefix, suffix, regular expression, and etc). For example,
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 As a convenience and example, gMock provides some matchers for 2-tuples,
-including the `Lt()` matcher above. See [here](#MultiArgMatchers) for the
+including the `Lt()` matcher above. See
+[Multi-argument Matchers](reference/ for the
 complete list.
 Note that if you want to pass the arguments to a predicate of your own (e.g.