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name: Build and test using platformio
name: Build and run PlatformIO example
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
- name: Check out code from GitHub
uses: actions/checkout@v2
path: nanopb
- name: Installing dependencies for local act
if: ${{ env.ACT }}
run: |
sudo apt update
- name: Installing common dependencies
run: |
sudo apt install -y python3-pip
- name: Install and setup PlatformIO
run: |
pip3 install -U platformio
export PATH=~/.local/bin:$PATH
- name: Build PlatformIO package
run: |
cd nanopb
pio package pack
- name: Example - Extract PlatformIO package to example dir
run: |
cp -R nanopb/examples/platformio example
mkdir -p example/lib/nanopb
tar -xzf nanopb/Nanopb-*.tar.gz -C example/lib/nanopb
- name: Example - Build
run: |
cd example
pio run
- name: Example - Run test without options
run: example/.pio/build/pio_without_options/program
- name: Example - Run test with options
run: example/.pio/build/pio_with_options/program
- name: Build with default platformio.ini
run: |
mkdir -p test_default_pio_conf
cd test_default_pio_conf
pio project init
ln -s ../nanopb lib/nanopb
echo "[env:native]" >> platformio.ini
echo "platform = native" >> platformio.ini
echo "lib_deps = Nanopb" >> platformio.ini
echo "int main(int argc, char *argv[]){}" > src/main.cpp
pio run