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* Copyright (c) 2021 Project CHIP Authors
* All rights reserved.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
* @file
* Declaration of SetUp Code Pairer, a class that parses a given
* setup code and uses the extracted informations to discover and
* filter commissionables nodes, before initiating the pairing process.
#pragma once
#include <controller/DevicePairingDelegate.h>
#include <lib/core/CHIPError.h>
#include <lib/core/NodeId.h>
#include <lib/support/DLLUtil.h>
#include <platform/CHIPDeviceConfig.h>
#include <protocols/secure_channel/RendezvousParameters.h>
#include <setup_payload/ManualSetupPayloadParser.h>
#include <setup_payload/QRCodeSetupPayloadParser.h>
#include <ble/BleLayer.h>
#include <controller/DeviceDiscoveryDelegate.h>
#include <queue>
namespace chip {
namespace Controller {
class DeviceCommissioner;
class SetUpCodePairerParameters : public RendezvousParameters
SetUpCodePairerParameters(const Dnssd::CommonResolutionData & data);
SetUpCodePairerParameters(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT connObj);
char mHostName[Dnssd::kHostNameMaxLength + 1] = {};
Inet::InterfaceId mInterfaceId;
enum class SetupCodePairerBehaviour : uint8_t
enum class DiscoveryType : uint8_t
class DLL_EXPORT SetUpCodePairer : public DevicePairingDelegate
SetUpCodePairer(DeviceCommissioner * commissioner) : mCommissioner(commissioner) { ResetDiscoveryState(); }
virtual ~SetUpCodePairer() {}
CHIP_ERROR PairDevice(chip::NodeId remoteId, const char * setUpCode,
SetupCodePairerBehaviour connectionType = SetupCodePairerBehaviour::kCommission,
DiscoveryType discoveryType = DiscoveryType::kAll);
// Called by the DeviceCommissioner to notify that we have discovered a new device.
void NotifyCommissionableDeviceDiscovered(const chip::Dnssd::DiscoveredNodeData & nodeData);
void SetSystemLayer(System::Layer * systemLayer) { mSystemLayer = systemLayer; };
void SetBleLayer(Ble::BleLayer * bleLayer) { mBleLayer = bleLayer; };
// Called to notify us that the DeviceCommissioner is shutting down and we
// should not try to do any more new work.
void CommissionerShuttingDown();
// DevicePairingDelegate implementation.
void OnStatusUpdate(DevicePairingDelegate::Status status) override;
void OnPairingComplete(CHIP_ERROR error) override;
void OnPairingDeleted(CHIP_ERROR error) override;
void OnCommissioningComplete(NodeId deviceId, CHIP_ERROR error) override;
CHIP_ERROR Connect(SetupPayload & paload);
CHIP_ERROR StartDiscoverOverBle(SetupPayload & payload);
CHIP_ERROR StopConnectOverBle();
CHIP_ERROR StartDiscoverOverIP(SetupPayload & payload);
CHIP_ERROR StopConnectOverIP();
CHIP_ERROR StartDiscoverOverSoftAP(SetupPayload & payload);
CHIP_ERROR StopConnectOverSoftAP();
// Returns whether we have kicked off a new connection attempt.
bool ConnectToDiscoveredDevice();
// Reset our mWaitingForDiscovery/mDiscoveredParameters state to indicate no
// pending work.
void ResetDiscoveryState();
// Get ready to start PASE establishment via mCommissioner. Sets up
// whatever state is needed for that.
void ExpectPASEEstablishment();
// PASE establishment by mCommissioner has completed: we either have a PASE
// session now or we failed to set one up, but we are done waiting on
// mCommissioner.
void PASEEstablishmentComplete();
// Called when PASE establishment fails.
// May start a new PASE establishment.
// Will return whether we might in fact have more rendezvous parameters to
// try (e.g. because we started a new PASE establishment or are waiting on
// more device discovery).
// The commissioner can use the return value to decide whether pairing has
// actually failed or not.
bool TryNextRendezvousParameters();
// True if we are still waiting on discovery to possibly produce new
// RendezvousParameters in the future.
bool DiscoveryInProgress() const;
// Not an enum class because we use this for indexing into arrays.
enum TransportTypes
kBLETransport = 0,
static void OnDeviceDiscoveredTimeoutCallback(System::Layer * layer, void * context);
Ble::BleLayer * mBleLayer = nullptr;
void OnDiscoveredDeviceOverBle(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT connObj);
void OnBLEDiscoveryError(CHIP_ERROR err);
/////////// BLEConnectionDelegate Callbacks /////////
static void OnDiscoveredDeviceOverBleSuccess(void * appState, BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT connObj);
static void OnDiscoveredDeviceOverBleError(void * appState, CHIP_ERROR err);
bool NodeMatchesCurrentFilter(const Dnssd::DiscoveredNodeData & nodeData) const;
static bool IdIsPresent(uint16_t vendorOrProductID);
Dnssd::DiscoveryFilter mCurrentFilter;
// The vendor id and product id from the SetupPayload. They may be 0, which
// indicates "not available" (e.g. because the SetupPayload came from a
// short manual code). In that case we should not filter on those values.
static constexpr uint16_t kNotAvailable = 0;
uint16_t mPayloadVendorID = kNotAvailable;
uint16_t mPayloadProductID = kNotAvailable;
DeviceCommissioner * mCommissioner = nullptr;
System::Layer * mSystemLayer = nullptr;
chip::NodeId mRemoteId;
uint32_t mSetUpPINCode = 0;
SetupCodePairerBehaviour mConnectionType = SetupCodePairerBehaviour::kCommission;
DiscoveryType mDiscoveryType = DiscoveryType::kAll;
// While we are trying to pair, we intercept the DevicePairingDelegate
// notifications from mCommissioner. We want to make sure we send them on
// to the original pairing delegate, if any.
DevicePairingDelegate * mPairingDelegate = nullptr;
// Boolean will be set to true if we currently have an async discovery
// process happening via the relevant transport.
bool mWaitingForDiscovery[kTransportTypeCount] = { false };
// Queue of things we have discovered but not tried connecting to yet. The
// general discovery/pairing process will terminate once this queue is empty
// and all the booleans in mWaitingForDiscovery are false.
std::queue<SetUpCodePairerParameters> mDiscoveredParameters;
// Current thing we are trying to connect to over UDP. If a PASE connection fails with
// a CHIP_ERROR_TIMEOUT, the discovered parameters will be used to ask the
// mdns daemon to invalidate the
Optional<SetUpCodePairerParameters> mCurrentPASEParameters;
// mWaitingForPASE is true if we have called either
// EstablishPASEConnection or PairDevice on mCommissioner and are now just
// waiting to see whether that works.
bool mWaitingForPASE = false;
// mLastPASEError is the error from the last OnPairingComplete call we got.
} // namespace Controller
} // namespace chip