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* Copyright (c) 2020-2021 Project CHIP Authors
* All rights reserved.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#pragma once
#include "FreeRTOS.h"
#include "app_msg.h"
#include "bt_matter_adapter_peripheral_app.h"
#include "bt_matter_adapter_service.h"
#include "event_groups.h"
#include "gap_msg.h"
#include "timers.h"
namespace chip {
namespace DeviceLayer {
namespace Internal {
using namespace chip::Ble;
* Concrete implementation of the BLEManager singleton object for the Ameba platforms.
class BLEManagerImpl final : public BLEManager, private BleLayer, private BlePlatformDelegate, private BleApplicationDelegate
// Allow the BLEManager interface class to delegate method calls to
// the implementation methods provided by this class.
friend BLEManager;
// ===== Members that implement the BLEManager internal interface.
CHIP_ERROR _Init(void);
void _Shutdown() {}
bool _IsAdvertisingEnabled(void);
CHIP_ERROR _SetAdvertisingEnabled(bool val);
bool _IsAdvertising(void);
CHIP_ERROR _SetAdvertisingMode(BLEAdvertisingMode mode);
CHIP_ERROR _GetDeviceName(char * buf, size_t bufSize);
CHIP_ERROR _SetDeviceName(const char * deviceName);
uint16_t _NumConnections(void);
void _OnPlatformEvent(const ChipDeviceEvent * event);
BleLayer * _GetBleLayer(void);
// ===== Members that implement virtual methods on BlePlatformDelegate.
bool SubscribeCharacteristic(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * svcId,
const Ble::ChipBleUUID * charId) override;
bool UnsubscribeCharacteristic(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * svcId,
const Ble::ChipBleUUID * charId) override;
bool CloseConnection(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId) override;
uint16_t GetMTU(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId) const override;
bool SendIndication(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * svcId, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * charId,
System::PacketBufferHandle pBuf) override;
bool SendWriteRequest(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * svcId, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * charId,
System::PacketBufferHandle pBuf) override;
bool SendReadRequest(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * svcId, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * charId,
System::PacketBufferHandle pBuf) override;
bool SendReadResponse(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId, BLE_READ_REQUEST_CONTEXT requestContext, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * svcId,
const Ble::ChipBleUUID * charId) override;
// ===== Members that implement virtual methods on BleApplicationDelegate.
void NotifyChipConnectionClosed(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId) override;
// ===== Members for internal use by the following friends.
friend BLEManager & BLEMgr(void);
friend BLEManagerImpl & BLEMgrImpl(void);
static BLEManagerImpl sInstance;
// ===== Private members reserved for use by this class only.
typedef enum
BC_DEV_INIT = 0x1,
BC_DEV_IDLE = 0x2,
} BC_device_state_t;
enum class Flags : uint8_t
kAdvertisingEnabled = 0x0001,
kFastAdvertisingEnabled = 0x0002,
kAdvertising = 0x0004,
kRestartAdvertising = 0x0008,
kAMEBABLEStackInitialized = 0x0010,
kDeviceNameSet = 0x0020,
kAdvertisingRefreshNeeded = 0x030,
kAdvertisingConfigured = 0x040,
BitFlags<BLEManagerImpl::Flags> mFlags;
kMaxDeviceNameLength = 16,
kUnusedIndex = 0xFF,
struct CHIPoBLEConState
uint16_t mtu : 10;
uint16_t allocated : 1;
uint16_t subscribed : 1;
uint16_t unused : 4;
uint8_t connectionHandle;
uint8_t bondingHandle;
CHIPoBLEConState mBleConnections[kMaxConnections];
CHIPoBLEServiceMode mServiceMode;
uint16_t mNumGAPCons;
uint16_t mTXCharCCCDAttrHandle;
uint16_t mSubscribedConIds[kMaxConnections];
char mDeviceName[kMaxDeviceNameLength + 1];
CHIP_ERROR MapBLEError(int bleErr);
void DriveBLEState(void);
CHIP_ERROR StartAdvertising(void);
CHIP_ERROR StopAdvertising(void);
CHIP_ERROR ConfigureAdvertisingData(void);
static void HandleFastAdvertisementTimer(System::Layer * systemLayer, void * context);
void HandleFastAdvertisementTimer();
void HandleRXCharWrite(uint8_t *, uint16_t, uint8_t);
void HandleTXCharRead(void * param);
void HandleC3CharRead(TBTCONFIG_CALLBACK_DATA * p_data);
void HandleTXCharCCCDRead(void * param);
void HandleTXCharCCCDWrite(int, int, int);
CHIP_ERROR HandleTXComplete(int);
CHIP_ERROR HandleGAPConnect(uint16_t);
CHIP_ERROR HandleGAPDisconnect(uint16_t, uint16_t);
CHIP_ERROR SetSubscribed(uint16_t conId);
bool UnsetSubscribed(uint16_t conId);
bool IsSubscribed(uint16_t conId);
bool RemoveConnection(uint8_t connectionHandle);
void AddConnection(uint8_t connectionHandle);
BLEManagerImpl::CHIPoBLEConState * GetConnectionState(uint8_t connectionHandle, bool allocate);
static CHIP_ERROR ble_svr_gap_msg_event(void * param, T_IO_MSG * p_gap_msg);
static CHIP_ERROR ble_svr_gap_event(void * param, int cb_type, void * p_cb_data);
static CHIP_ERROR gatt_svr_chr_access(void * param, T_SERVER_ID service_id, TBTCONFIG_CALLBACK_DATA * p_data);
static int ble_callback_dispatcher(void * param, void * p_cb_data, int type, T_CHIP_BLEMGR_CALLBACK_TYPE callback_type);
static void DriveBLEState(intptr_t arg);
static void BleAdvTimeoutHandler(TimerHandle_t xTimer);
static void CancelBleAdvTimeoutTimer(void);
static void StartBleAdvTimeoutTimer(uint32_t aTimeoutInMs);
* Returns a reference to the public interface of the BLEManager singleton object.
* Internal components should use this to access features of the BLEManager object
* that are common to all platforms.
inline BLEManager & BLEMgr(void)
return BLEManagerImpl::sInstance;
* Returns the platform-specific implementation of the BLEManager singleton object.
* Internal components can use this to gain access to features of the BLEManager
* that are specific to the platforms.
inline BLEManagerImpl & BLEMgrImpl(void)
return BLEManagerImpl::sInstance;
inline BleLayer * BLEManagerImpl::_GetBleLayer()
return this;
inline bool BLEManagerImpl::_IsAdvertisingEnabled(void)
return mFlags.Has(Flags::kAdvertisingEnabled);
inline bool BLEManagerImpl::_IsAdvertising(void)
return mFlags.Has(Flags::kAdvertising);
} // namespace Internal
} // namespace DeviceLayer
} // namespace chip