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* Copyright (c) 2021 Project CHIP Authors
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
* @file
* Provides an implementation of the BLEManager singleton object
* for the Tizen platforms.
#pragma once
#include <cstddef>
#include <cstdint>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <bluetooth.h>
#include <glib.h>
#include <ble/Ble.h>
#include <ble/CHIPBleServiceData.h>
#include <lib/core/CHIPError.h>
#include <lib/support/BitFlags.h>
#include <lib/support/SetupDiscriminator.h>
#include <platform/CHIPDeviceEvent.h>
#include <system/SystemLayer.h>
#include <system/SystemPacketBuffer.h>
#include "ChipDeviceScanner.h"
namespace chip {
namespace DeviceLayer {
namespace Internal {
* enum Class for BLE Scanning state. CHIP supports Scanning by Discriminator or Address
enum class BleScanState : uint8_t
* Structure for BLE Scanning Configuration
struct BLEScanConfig
// If an active scan for connection is being performed
BleScanState mBleScanState = BleScanState::kNotScanning;
// If scanning by discriminator, what are we scanning for
SetupDiscriminator mDiscriminator;
// If scanning by address, what address are we searching for
std::string mAddress;
// Optional argument to be passed to callback functions provided by the BLE scan/connect requestor
void * mAppState = nullptr;
* Concrete implementation of the BLEManagerImpl singleton object for the Tizen platforms.
class BLEManagerImpl final : public BLEManager,
private Ble::BleLayer,
private Ble::BlePlatformDelegate,
private Ble::BleApplicationDelegate,
private Ble::BleConnectionDelegate,
private ChipDeviceScannerDelegate
// Allow the BLEManager interface class to delegate method calls to
// the implementation methods provided by this class.
friend BLEManager;
CHIP_ERROR ConfigureBle(uint32_t aAdapterId, bool aIsCentral);
// ===== Members that implement the BLEManager internal interface.
void _Shutdown();
bool _IsAdvertisingEnabled();
CHIP_ERROR _SetAdvertisingEnabled(bool val);
bool _IsAdvertising();
CHIP_ERROR _SetAdvertisingMode(BLEAdvertisingMode mode);
CHIP_ERROR _GetDeviceName(char * buf, size_t bufSize);
CHIP_ERROR _SetDeviceName(const char * deviceName);
uint16_t _NumConnections();
void _OnPlatformEvent(const ChipDeviceEvent * event);
void HandlePlatformSpecificBLEEvent(const ChipDeviceEvent * event);
BleLayer * _GetBleLayer();
// ===== Members that implement virtual methods on BlePlatformDelegate.
bool SubscribeCharacteristic(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * svcId,
const Ble::ChipBleUUID * charId) override;
bool UnsubscribeCharacteristic(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * svcId,
const Ble::ChipBleUUID * charId) override;
bool CloseConnection(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId) override;
uint16_t GetMTU(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId) const override;
bool SendIndication(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * svcId, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * charId,
System::PacketBufferHandle pBuf) override;
bool SendWriteRequest(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * svcId, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * charId,
System::PacketBufferHandle pBuf) override;
bool SendReadRequest(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * svcId, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * charId,
System::PacketBufferHandle pBuf) override;
bool SendReadResponse(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId, BLE_READ_REQUEST_CONTEXT requestContext, const Ble::ChipBleUUID * svcId,
const Ble::ChipBleUUID * charId) override;
// ===== Members that implement virtual methods on BleApplicationDelegate.
void NotifyChipConnectionClosed(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId) override;
// ===== Members that implement virtual methods on BleConnectionDelegate.
void NewConnection(BleLayer * bleLayer, void * appState, const SetupDiscriminator & connDiscriminator) override;
CHIP_ERROR CancelConnection() override;
// ===== Members that implement virtual methods on ChipDeviceScannerDelegate
void OnChipDeviceScanned(void * device, const Ble::ChipBLEDeviceIdentificationInfo & info) override;
void OnChipScanComplete() override;
// ===== Members for internal use by the following friends.
friend BLEManager & BLEMgr();
friend BLEManagerImpl & BLEMgrImpl();
static BLEManagerImpl sInstance;
// ===== Private members reserved for use by this class only.
enum class Flags : uint16_t
kAsyncInitCompleted = 0x0001, /**< One-time asynchronous initialization actions have been performed. */
kTizenBLELayerInitialized = 0x0002, /**< The Tizen Platform BLE layer has been initialized. */
kAppRegistered = 0x0004, /**< The CHIPoBLE application has been registered with the Bluez layer. */
kAdvertisingConfigured = 0x0008, /**< CHIPoBLE advertising has been configured in the Bluez layer. */
kAdvertising = 0x0010, /**< The system is currently CHIPoBLE advertising. */
kControlOpInProgress = 0x0020, /**< An async control operation has been issued to the ESP BLE layer. */
kAdvertisingEnabled = 0x0040, /**< The application has enabled CHIPoBLE advertising. */
kFastAdvertisingEnabled = 0x0080, /**< The application has enabled fast advertising. */
kUseCustomDeviceName = 0x0100, /**< The application has configured a custom BLE device name. */
kAdvertisingRefreshNeeded = 0x0200, /**< The advertising configuration/state in BLE layer needs to be updated. */
static gboolean _BleInitialize(void * userData);
void DriveBLEState();
static void DriveBLEState(intptr_t arg);
void InitiateScan(BleScanState scanType);
static void InitiateScan(intptr_t arg);
static void AdvertisingStateChangedCb(int result, bt_advertiser_h advertiser, bt_adapter_le_advertising_state_e advState,
void * userData);
static void NotificationStateChangedCb(bool notify, bt_gatt_server_h server, bt_gatt_h gattHandle, void * userData);
static void WriteValueRequestedCb(const char * remoteAddress, int requestId, bt_gatt_server_h server, bt_gatt_h gattHandle,
bool responseNeeded, int offset, const char * value, int len, void * userData);
static void IndicationConfirmationCb(int result, const char * remoteAddress, bt_gatt_server_h server, bt_gatt_h characteristic,
bool completed, void * userData);
static void IndicationConfirmationCb(bt_gatt_h characteristic, bt_gatt_server_notification_sent_cb callback,
const char * device_address, void * userData);
static void GattConnectionStateChangedCb(int result, bool connected, const char * remoteAddress, void * userData);
static void WriteCompletedCb(int result, bt_gatt_h gattHandle, void * userData);
static void CharacteristicNotificationCb(bt_gatt_h characteristic, char * value, int len, void * userData);
// ==== Connection.
void InitConnectionData();
void AddConnectionData(const char * remoteAddr);
void RemoveConnectionData(const char * remoteAddr);
void HandleC1CharWriteEvent(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId, const uint8_t * value, size_t len);
void HandleRXCharChanged(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId, const uint8_t * value, size_t len);
void HandleConnectionEvent(bool connected, const char * remoteAddress);
static void HandleConnectionTimeout(System::Layer * layer, void * data);
static bool IsDeviceChipPeripheral(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId);
// ==== BLE Adv & GATT Server.
void NotifyBLEPeripheralGATTServerRegisterComplete(bool aIsSuccess, void * apAppstate);
void NotifyBLEPeripheralAdvConfiguredComplete(bool aIsSuccess, void * apAppstate);
void NotifyBLEPeripheralAdvStartComplete(bool aIsSuccess, void * apAppstate);
void NotifyBLEPeripheralAdvStopComplete(bool aIsSuccess, void * apAppstate);
void NotifyBLESubscribed(bool indicationsEnabled, BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId);
void NotifyBLEIndicationConfirmation(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId);
void NotifyBLEWriteReceived(System::PacketBufferHandle & buf, BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId);
// ==== Connection.
void ConnectHandler(const char * address);
static gboolean ConnectChipThing(gpointer userData);
void NotifyBLEConnectionEstablished(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId, CHIP_ERROR error);
void NotifyBLEDisconnection(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId, CHIP_ERROR error);
void NotifyHandleNewConnection(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId);
void NotifyHandleConnectFailed(CHIP_ERROR error);
void NotifyHandleWriteComplete(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId);
void NotifySubscribeOpComplete(BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId, bool isSubscribed);
void NotifyBLENotificationReceived(System::PacketBufferHandle & buf, BLE_CONNECTION_OBJECT conId);
int RegisterGATTServer();
int StartBLEAdvertising();
int StopBLEAdvertising();
void CleanScanConfig();
CHIPoBLEServiceMode mServiceMode;
BitFlags<Flags> mFlags;
bool mIsCentral = false;
void * mGattCharC1Handle = nullptr;
void * mGattCharC2Handle = nullptr;
uint32_t mAdapterId;
bt_advertiser_h mAdvertiser = nullptr;
bool mAdvReqInProgress = false;
/* Connection Hash Table Map */
GHashTable * mConnectionMap = nullptr;
BLEScanConfig mBLEScanConfig;
std::unique_ptr<ChipDeviceScanner> mDeviceScanner;
GMainContext * mMainContext = nullptr;
bt_gatt_client_h mGattClient = nullptr;
* Returns a reference to the public interface of the BLEManager singleton object.
* Internal components should use this to access features of the BLEManager object
* that are common to all platforms.
inline BLEManager & BLEMgr()
return BLEManagerImpl::sInstance;
* Returns the platform-specific implementation of the BLEManager singleton object.
* Internal components can use this to gain access to features of the BLEManager
* that are specific to the Tizen platforms.
inline BLEManagerImpl & BLEMgrImpl()
return BLEManagerImpl::sInstance;
inline Ble::BleLayer * BLEManagerImpl::_GetBleLayer()
return this;
inline bool BLEManagerImpl::_IsAdvertisingEnabled()
return mFlags.Has(Flags::kAdvertisingEnabled);
inline bool BLEManagerImpl::_IsAdvertising()
return mFlags.Has(Flags::kAdvertising);
} // namespace Internal
} // namespace DeviceLayer
} // namespace chip