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* Copyright (c) 2020 Project CHIP Authors
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#pragma once
#include "window-covering-delegate.h"
#include <app-common/zap-generated/attribute-id.h>
#include <app-common/zap-generated/cluster-objects.h>
#include <app-common/zap-generated/enums.h>
#include <app/util/af-types.h>
#include <app/data-model/Nullable.h>
#define WC_PERCENT100THS_MIDDLE 5000
#define WC_PERCENT100THS_COEF 100
namespace chip {
namespace app {
namespace Clusters {
namespace WindowCovering {
typedef DataModel::Nullable<Percent> NPercent;
typedef DataModel::Nullable<Percent100ths> NPercent100ths;
typedef DataModel::Nullable<uint16_t> NAbsolute;
typedef Optional<Percent> OPercent;
typedef Optional<Percent100ths> OPercent100ths;
// Match directly with OperationalStatus 2 bits Fields
enum class OperationalState : uint8_t
Stall = 0x00, // currently not moving
MovingUpOrOpen = 0x01, // is currently opening
MovingDownOrClose = 0x02, // is currently closing
Reserved = 0x03, // dont use
static_assert(sizeof(OperationalState) == sizeof(uint8_t), "OperationalState Size is not correct");
// Declare Position Limit Status
enum class LimitStatus : uint8_t
Intermediate = 0x00,
IsUpOrOpen = 0x01,
IsDownOrClose = 0x02,
Inverted = 0x03,
IsPastUpOrOpen = 0x04,
IsPastDownOrClose = 0x05,
static_assert(sizeof(LimitStatus) == sizeof(uint8_t), "LimitStatus Size is not correct");
struct AbsoluteLimits
uint16_t open;
uint16_t closed;
bool HasFeature(chip::EndpointId endpoint, Feature feature);
bool HasFeaturePaLift(chip::EndpointId endpoint);
bool HasFeaturePaTilt(chip::EndpointId endpoint);
void TypeSet(chip::EndpointId endpoint, Type type);
Type TypeGet(chip::EndpointId endpoint);
void ConfigStatusPrint(const chip::BitMask<ConfigStatus> & configStatus);
void ConfigStatusSet(chip::EndpointId endpoint, const chip::BitMask<ConfigStatus> & status);
chip::BitMask<ConfigStatus> ConfigStatusGet(chip::EndpointId endpoint);
void ConfigStatusUpdateFeatures(chip::EndpointId endpoint);
void OperationalStatusPrint(const chip::BitMask<OperationalStatus> & opStatus);
void OperationalStatusSet(chip::EndpointId endpoint, chip::BitMask<OperationalStatus> newStatus);
chip::BitMask<OperationalStatus> OperationalStatusGet(chip::EndpointId endpoint);
void OperationalStateSet(chip::EndpointId endpoint, const chip::BitMask<OperationalStatus> field, OperationalState state);
OperationalState OperationalStateGet(chip::EndpointId endpoint, const chip::BitMask<OperationalStatus> field);
OperationalState ComputeOperationalState(uint16_t target, uint16_t current);
OperationalState ComputeOperationalState(NPercent100ths target, NPercent100ths current);
Percent100ths ComputePercent100thsStep(OperationalState direction, Percent100ths previous, Percent100ths delta);
void EndProductTypeSet(chip::EndpointId endpoint, EndProductType type);
EndProductType EndProductTypeGet(chip::EndpointId endpoint);
void ModePrint(const chip::BitMask<Mode> & mode);
void ModeSet(chip::EndpointId endpoint, chip::BitMask<Mode> & mode);
chip::BitMask<Mode> ModeGet(chip::EndpointId endpoint);
void SafetyStatusSet(chip::EndpointId endpoint, const chip::BitMask<SafetyStatus> & status);
chip::BitMask<SafetyStatus> SafetyStatusGet(chip::EndpointId endpoint);
LimitStatus CheckLimitState(uint16_t position, AbsoluteLimits limits);
bool IsPercent100thsValid(Percent100ths percent100ths);
bool IsPercent100thsValid(NPercent100ths npercent100ths);
uint16_t Percent100thsToValue(AbsoluteLimits limits, Percent100ths relative);
uint16_t LiftToPercent100ths(chip::EndpointId endpoint, uint16_t lift);
uint16_t Percent100thsToLift(chip::EndpointId endpoint, uint16_t percent100ths);
void LiftPositionSet(chip::EndpointId endpoint, NPercent100ths position);
uint16_t TiltToPercent100ths(chip::EndpointId endpoint, uint16_t tilt);
uint16_t Percent100thsToTilt(chip::EndpointId endpoint, uint16_t percent100ths);
void TiltPositionSet(chip::EndpointId endpoint, NPercent100ths position);
EmberAfStatus GetMotionLockStatus(chip::EndpointId endpoint);
* @brief PostAttributeChange is called when an Attribute is modified.
* The method is called by MatterWindowCoveringClusterServerAttributeChangedCallback
* to update cluster attributes values. If the application overrides MatterWindowCoveringClusterServerAttributeChangedCallback,
* it should call the PostAttributeChange on its own.
* @param[in] endpoint
* @param[in] attributeId
void PostAttributeChange(chip::EndpointId endpoint, chip::AttributeId attributeId);
void SetDefaultDelegate(EndpointId endpoint, Delegate * delegate);
} // namespace WindowCovering
} // namespace Clusters
} // namespace app
} // namespace chip