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* Copyright (c) 2021 Project CHIP Authors
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
* @file
* This file defines types and objects for CHIP message counter messages in secure channel protocol.
#pragma once
#include <messaging/ExchangeDelegate.h>
#include <messaging/ExchangeMgr.h>
#include <protocols/Protocols.h>
#include <system/SystemPacketBuffer.h>
#include <transport/MessageCounterManagerInterface.h>
namespace chip {
namespace secure_channel {
class MessageCounterManager : public Messaging::UnsolicitedMessageHandler,
public Messaging::ExchangeDelegate,
public Transport::MessageCounterManagerInterface
static constexpr uint16_t kChallengeSize = Transport::PeerMessageCounter::kChallengeSize;
static constexpr uint16_t kCounterSize = 4;
static constexpr uint16_t kSyncRespMsgSize = kChallengeSize + kCounterSize;
static constexpr System::Clock::Timeout kSyncTimeout = System::Clock::Milliseconds32(500);
MessageCounterManager() : mExchangeMgr(nullptr) {}
~MessageCounterManager() override {}
CHIP_ERROR Init(Messaging::ExchangeManager * exchangeMgr);
void Shutdown();
// Implement MessageCounterManagerInterface
CHIP_ERROR StartSync(const SessionHandle & session, Transport::SecureSession * state) override;
CHIP_ERROR QueueReceivedMessageAndStartSync(const PacketHeader & packetHeader, const SessionHandle & session,
Transport::SecureSession * state, const Transport::PeerAddress & peerAddress,
System::PacketBufferHandle && msgBuf) override;
* Send peer message counter synchronization request.
* This function is called while processing a message encrypted with an application key from a peer whose message counter is not
* synchronized. This message is sent on a newly created exchange, which is closed immediately after.
* @param[in] session The secure session handle of the received message.
* @retval #CHIP_ERROR_NO_MEMORY If memory could not be allocated for the new
* exchange context or new message buffer.
* @retval #CHIP_NO_ERROR On success.
CHIP_ERROR SendMsgCounterSyncReq(const SessionHandle & session, Transport::SecureSession * state);
* Add a CHIP message into the cache table to queue the incoming messages that trigger message counter synchronization
* protocol for re-processing.
* @param[in] msgBuf A handle to the packet buffer holding the received message.
* @retval #CHIP_ERROR_NO_MEMORY If there is no empty slot left in the table for addition.
* @retval #CHIP_NO_ERROR On success.
CHIP_ERROR AddToReceiveTable(const PacketHeader & packetHeader, const Transport::PeerAddress & peerAddress,
System::PacketBufferHandle && msgBuf);
* @class ReceiveTableEntry
* @brief
* This class is part of the CHIP Message Counter Synchronization Protocol and is used
* to keep track of a CHIP messages to be reprocessed whose source's
* message counter is unknown. The message is reprocessed after message
* counter synchronization is completed.
struct ReceiveTableEntry
Transport::PeerAddress peerAddress; /**< The peer address for the message*/
System::PacketBufferHandle msgBuf; /**< A handle to the PacketBuffer object holding the message data. */
Messaging::ExchangeManager * mExchangeMgr; // [READ ONLY] Associated Exchange Manager object.
// MessageCounterManager cache table to queue the incoming messages that trigger message counter synchronization protocol.
void ProcessPendingMessages(NodeId peerNodeId);
CHIP_ERROR SendMsgCounterSyncResp(Messaging::ExchangeContext * exchangeContext, FixedByteSpan<kChallengeSize> challenge);
CHIP_ERROR HandleMsgCounterSyncReq(Messaging::ExchangeContext * exchangeContext, System::PacketBufferHandle && msgBuf);
CHIP_ERROR HandleMsgCounterSyncResp(Messaging::ExchangeContext * exchangeContext, System::PacketBufferHandle && msgBuf);
CHIP_ERROR OnUnsolicitedMessageReceived(const PayloadHeader & payloadHeader, ExchangeDelegate *& newDelegate) override;
CHIP_ERROR OnMessageReceived(Messaging::ExchangeContext * exchangeContext, const PayloadHeader & payloadHeader,
System::PacketBufferHandle && payload) override;
void OnResponseTimeout(Messaging::ExchangeContext * exchangeContext) override;
} // namespace secure_channel
} // namespace chip