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  1. access/
  2. app/
  3. ble/
  4. controller/
  5. credentials/
  6. crypto/
  7. darwin/
  8. include/
  9. inet/
  10. lib/
  11. lwip/
  12. messaging/
  13. platform/
  14. protocols/
  15. pybindings/
  16. python_testing/
  17. qrcodetool/
  18. setup_payload/
  19. system/
  20. test_driver/
  21. tools/
  22. trace/
  23. transport/
  25. CMakeLists.txt

Source Code

Directory Structure

The CHIP src directory is structured as follows:

File / FolderContents
appApplication Layer -- Zigbee Cluster Library (ZCL)
bleBLE Layer -- Bluetooth Transport Protocol (BTP)
controllerController API
cryptoCryptography libraries
darwinDarwin Framework (iOS and macOS)
includePublic headers
inetNetwork Layer -- TCP and UDP endpoints
libCore and Support libraries
lwipLightweight IP adaptation (to third_party library)
platformDevice Layer -- platform portability adaptations
qrcodetoolQR code tool
setup_payloadQR code setup data encode / decode library
systemSystem Layer -- common APIs for mem, work, etc.
test_driverFramework for on-device testing


Near Field Communication Tag Reading

NFC Tag Reading is disabled by default because a paid Apple developer account is required to have it enabled. If you want to enable it and you have a paid Apple developer account, go to the CHIPTool iOS target and turn on Near Field Communication Tag Reading under the Capabilities tab.