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CHIP Tool iOS Sample Commissioner App

A prototype application that demonstrates device commissioning and cluster control.


  • Requires building and running the app to a physical device on iOS >= 15.4.

Building the Application

CHIPTool iOS can be built with the latest Xcode releases.

  • Open the Darwin.xcworkspace file located in src/darwin with Xcode.

  • Then select the CHIP Tool App scheme at the top.

  • Running the CHIP Tool App scheme in Xcode (select the scheme and then hit the “play button” to “run” the scheme) will attempt to compile the application and then install it to the connected iOS device selected in the scheme.

Because we do not share a developer group, directly running this scheme will fail with missing signing configuration errors.

You need to update the Project configuration for CHIPTool to use your Personal Developer account and a unique Bundle ID.

Compilation Fixes

Before you can run the CHIP Tool App scheme, you need to amend the project.pbxproj file for the CHIPTool project. The file is located here src/darwin/CHIPTool/CHIPTool.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj.

You can choose to amend this file via Xcode directly or manually with any text editor. This Readme will focus on doing it via Xcode.

  • With the Darwin.xcworkspace loaded, you should see 2 projects on the left side pane in Xcode. CHIPTool and CHIP.

  • Selecting CHIPTool should bring up the project configuration view in Xcode. Next, select the Signing & Capabilities tab.

  • Perform the following steps to enable building CHIPTool:

    1. Ensure “Automatically manage signing” is checked

    2. Select your Personal Team in the “Team” dropdown.

    3. Change the bundle identifier from com.chip.CHIPTool to something unique, like com.chip.CHIPTool-username. These bundle IDs get reserved for a short amount of time and so it‘s best to use something only you might think of to avoid conflicts (you’ll see that the default bundle ID does not work if you skip this step).

    4. Confirm that the Signing Certificate now says “Apple Development: ”

Now you can install CHIPTool to your connected iOS device by clicking on the “Play”/Run icon.

Installing the Application

The first time you install this application to your iOS device, Xcode will not be able to launch it. This is because iOS prevents arbitrary developer apps from running prior to user consent. To give this application consent, navigate to Settings->General->VPN & Device Management and give CHIPTool permission to run.

Now you can launch the application from the Home screen or from Xcode by hitting the run button once more.

Pairing an Accessory

Once you have CHIPTool up and running, to pair an accessory simply:

  • Click on the QRCode Scanner item in the list on screen
  • Then the Camera icon on the top right corner to launch the scanner
  • Then scan the QRCode of the accessory to begin commissioning it. CHIPTool will prompt you for permission to use Bluetooth as well as to scan your local network. Grant these requests. It will also prompt you for the WiFi password for network the accessory should join. Note - Thread is not supported by this application at this time.

Look for Commissioning complete. and Sigma3 in the logs to know when the device is commissioned and ready for use.

Note - CHIPTool also supports pairing via the Matter manual codes. Instead of scanning the QRCode you can also type in the manual code. The rest of the steps remain the same.