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# This file describes to Cocoapods how to integrate the Objective-C runtime into a dependent
# project.
# Despite this file being specific to Objective-C, it needs to be on the root of the repository.
# Otherwise, Cocoapods gives trouble like not picking up the license file correctly, or not letting
# dependent projects use the :git notation to refer to the library. do |s| = 'Protobuf'
s.version = '3.21.2'
s.summary = 'Protocol Buffers v.3 runtime library for Objective-C.'
s.homepage = ''
s.license = 'BSD-3-Clause'
s.authors = { 'The Protocol Buffers contributors' => '' }
s.cocoapods_version = '>= 1.0'
s.source = { :git => '',
:tag => "v#{s.version}" }
s.source_files = 'objectivec/*.{h,m}',
# The following would cause duplicate symbol definitions. GPBProtocolBuffers is expected to be
# left out, as it's an umbrella implementation file.
s.exclude_files = 'objectivec/GPBProtocolBuffers.m'
# Set a CPP symbol so the code knows to use framework imports.
s.user_target_xcconfig = { 'GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS' => '$(inherited) GPB_USE_PROTOBUF_FRAMEWORK_IMPORTS=1' }
s.pod_target_xcconfig = { 'GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS' => '$(inherited) GPB_USE_PROTOBUF_FRAMEWORK_IMPORTS=1' }
s.ios.deployment_target = '9.0'
s.osx.deployment_target = '10.9'
s.tvos.deployment_target = '9.0'
s.watchos.deployment_target = '2.0'
s.requires_arc = false
# The unittest need the generate sources from the testing related .proto
# files. So to add a `test_spec`, there would also need to be something like a
# `script_phases` to generate them, but there would also need to be a way to
# ensure `protoc` had be built. Another option would be to move to a model
# where the needed files are always generated and checked in. Neither of these
# seem that great at the moment, so the tests have *not* been wired into here
# at this time.