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<package xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="nuspec.xsd">
<owners>Jon Skeet</owners>
<authors>Jon Skeet</authors>
<copyright>Copyright 2008 Google Inc. All rights reserved.</copyright>
<tags>Protocol Buffers Binary Serialization Format Google</tags>
<summary>A managed code generator and library for Google's data interchange format.</summary>
Protocol Buffers is a binary serialization format and technology, released to the open source community by Google in 2008.
Its primary use is to produce small fast binary representations of a 'message' or object for serialization or transportation.
There are various implementations of Protocol Buffers in .NET. This project is a fairly close port of the Google Java implementation.
There are two main parts:
tools/protoc.exe, which takes the textual representation of the protocol buffer and turns it into a binary representation for use with ProtoGen.exe.
tools/ProtoGen.exe, which takes binary representations of protocol buffer descriptors (as generated by the "stock" protoc binary supplied by Google) and creates C# source code. This is only required at build time.
lib/*/Google.ProtocolBuffers.dll, which is a supporting library. This is required at execution time.
lib/*/Google.ProtocolBuffers.Serialization.dll, a supplementary library that provides extensions for reading and writing protocol buffers to xml, json, and others.
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<reference file="Google.ProtocolBuffers.dll"/>
<reference file="Google.ProtocolBuffers.Serialization.dll"/>
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<file src="..\build_output\Release\**\Google.ProtocolBuffers.Serialization.???" target="lib\" />
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<file src="..\build_output\protos\**\*" target="tools\" />
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<file src="..\build_output\tools\protoc-license.txt" target="tools\"/>
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<file src="..\src\ProtocolBuffers.Serialization\**\*.cs" target="src\ProtocolBuffers.Serialization\"/>