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"""Java options and protobuf-specific java build rules with those options."""
load("@rules_java//java:defs.bzl", "java_library")
load("@rules_jvm_external//:defs.bzl", "java_export")
load("//java/osgi:osgi.bzl", "osgi_java_library")
load("//:protobuf_version.bzl", "PROTOBUF_JAVA_VERSION")
"-source 8",
"-target 8",
def protobuf_java_export(**kwargs):
javacopts = JAVA_OPTS,
def protobuf_java_library(**kwargs):
javacopts = JAVA_OPTS,
def protobuf_versioned_java_library(
bundle_additional_imports = [],
bundle_additional_exports = [],
"""Extends `java_library` to add OSGi headers to the MANIFEST.MF using bndlib
This macro should be usable as a drop-in replacement for java_library.
The additional arguments are given the bndlib tool to generate an OSGi-compliant manifest file.
See [bnd documentation](
Takes all the args that are standard for a java_library target plus the following.
bundle_description: (required) The Bundle-Description header defines a short
description of this bundle.
automatic_module_name: (required) The Automatic-Module-Name header that represents
the name of the module when this bundle is used as an automatic
bundle_name: (required) The Bundle-Name header defines a readable name for this
bundle. This should be a short, human-readable name that can
contain spaces.
bundle_symbolic_name: (required) The Bundle-SymbolicName header specifies a
non-localizable name for this bundle. The bundle symbolic name
together with a version must identify a unique bundle though it can
be installed multiple times in a framework. The bundle symbolic
name should be based on the reverse domain name convention.
bundle_additional_exports: The Export-Package header contains a
declaration of exported packages. These are additional export
package statements to be added before the default wildcard export
bundle_additional_imports: The Import-Package header declares the
imported packages for this bundle. These are additional import
package statements to be added before the default wildcard import
**kwargs: Additional key-word arguments that are passed to the internal
java_library target.
javacopts = JAVA_OPTS,
automatic_module_name = automatic_module_name,
bundle_doc_url = BUNDLE_DOC_URL,
bundle_license = BUNDLE_LICENSE,
bundle_version = PROTOBUF_JAVA_VERSION,
bundle_description = bundle_description,
bundle_name = bundle_name,
bundle_symbolic_name = bundle_symbolic_name,
bundle_additional_exports = bundle_additional_exports,
bundle_additional_imports = bundle_additional_imports + ["sun.misc;resolution:=optional"],