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// Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format
// Copyright 2008 Google Inc. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file or at
// This header is private to the ProtobolBuffers library and must NOT be
// included by any sources outside this library. The contents of this file are
// subject to change at any time without notice.
#import "GPBMessage.h"
// TODO: Remove this import. Older generated code use the OSAtomic* apis,
// so anyone that hasn't regenerated says building by having this. After
// enough time has passed, this likely can be removed as folks should have
// regenerated.
#import <libkern/OSAtomic.h>
#import "GPBBootstrap.h"
typedef struct GPBMessage_Storage {
uint32_t _has_storage_[0];
} GPBMessage_Storage;
typedef struct GPBMessage_Storage *GPBMessage_StoragePtr;
@interface GPBMessage () {
// NOTE: Because of the +allocWithZone code using NSAllocateObject(),
// this structure should ideally always be kept pointer aligned where the
// real storage starts is also pointer aligned. The compiler/runtime already
// do this, but it may not be documented.
// A pointer to the actual fields of the subclasses. The actual structure
// pointed to by this pointer will depend on the subclass.
// All of the actual structures will start the same as
// GPBMessage_Storage with _has_storage__ as the first field.
// Kept public because static functions need to access it.
GPBMessage_StoragePtr messageStorage_;
// Gets an extension value without autocreating the result if not found. (i.e.
// returns nil if the extension is not set)
- (id)getExistingExtension:(GPBExtensionDescriptor *)extension;
// Parses a message of this type from the input and merges it with this
// message.
// Warning: This does not verify that all required fields are present in
// the input message.
// Note: The caller should call
// -[CodedInputStream checkLastTagWas:] after calling this to
// verify that the last tag seen was the appropriate end-group tag,
// or zero for EOF.
// NOTE: This will throw if there is an error while parsing.
- (void)mergeFromCodedInputStream:(GPBCodedInputStream *)input
- (void)addUnknownMapEntry:(int32_t)fieldNum value:(NSData *)data;
// Returns whether |message| autocreated this message. This is NO if the message
// was not autocreated by |message| or if it has been mutated since
// autocreation.
BOOL GPBWasMessageAutocreatedBy(GPBMessage *message, GPBMessage *parent);
// Call this when you mutate a message. It will cause the message to become
// visible to its autocreator.
void GPBBecomeVisibleToAutocreator(GPBMessage *self);
// Call this when an array/dictionary is mutated so the parent message that
// autocreated it can react.
void GPBAutocreatedArrayModified(GPBMessage *self, id array);
void GPBAutocreatedDictionaryModified(GPBMessage *self, id dictionary);
// Clear the autocreator, if any. Asserts if the autocreator still has an
// autocreated reference to this message.
void GPBClearMessageAutocreator(GPBMessage *self);