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# This script runs the staleness tests and uses them to update any stale
# generated files.
set -ex
echo "::group::Regenerate stale files"
# Cd to the repo root.
cd $(dirname -- "$0")
readonly BazelBin="${BAZEL:-bazel} ${BAZEL_STARTUP_FLAGS}"
# Run and fix all staleness tests.
for test in ${STALENESS_TESTS[@]}; do
${BazelBin} test $test "$@" || ./bazel-bin/${test%%:*}/${test#*:} --fix
# Generate C# code.
# This doesn't currently have Bazel staleness tests, but there's an existing
# shell script that generates everything required. The output files are stable,
# so just regenerating in place should be harmless.
${BazelBin} build src/google/protobuf/compiler:protoc "$@"
(export PROTOC=$PWD/bazel-bin/protoc && cd csharp && ./
echo "::endgroup::"