scripts: runner: add infrastructure for DT-based flashing

Add the necessary infrastructure to the runner core to support
computing flash addresses based on the devicetree. Specifically, add:

- a new RunnerCaps capability, flash_addr, which lets runners declare
  when they support flashing to an arbitrary address

- a common --dt-flash option to all runner command line parsers which
  support this capability, which lets users request flash addresses to
  be computed from device tree

- a ZephyrBinaryRunner helper method, get_flash_address(), which is
  the common code needed to compute a flash address from device
  tree (or return a default value if non-DT based flashing is
  requested). This relies on the BuildConfiguration parser introduced
  in an earlier patch.

Subsequent patches will use this functionality in individual runners.

Signed-off-by: Marti Bolivar <>
1 file changed