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  1. 2149d21 scripts: zephyr_commit_rules: improve commit error messages by Marti Bolivar · 41 minutes ago main
  2. 4c9e5f7 doc: contribute: improve "Commit Guidelines" section by Marti Bolivar · 41 minutes ago
  3. a84e4e6 doc: release-notes: add pinctrl changes by Gerard Marull-Paretas · 7 hours ago
  4. 333d48b Bluetooth: has: Fix uninitialized bt_has_register_param by Lars Knudsen · 8 hours ago
  5. b7a766e boards: s32z270dc2_r52: document supported features by Manuel Arguelles · 8 hours ago
  6. db9faa3 devicetree: Fix DT_FOREACH_PROP_ELEM_SEP example by Keith Short · 8 hours ago
  7. 5b6338d boards: posix: native_posix_64: Add sim: native by Pete Dietl · 11 hours ago
  8. 45d5fb7 shell: doc: adding information on command execution by Jakub Rzeszutko · 12 hours ago
  9. 68cc29d doc: release-notes: add EEPROM release notes for v3.3.0 by Henrik Brix Andersen · 13 hours ago
  10. 834cc32 doc: release-notes: Add 3.3.0 release notes for networking by Robert Lubos · 13 hours ago
  11. 8c0d3e1 doc: zbus: Fix typos and apply general docs improvement by Rodrigo Peixoto · 13 hours ago
  12. 1624818 code_relocation: Fix Warning by Carlo Caione · 13 hours ago
  13. 60fc300 drivers: counter: Do not keep RTC value between resets on STM32 by Guillaume Gautier · 13 hours ago
  14. fdbfdc9 doc: release-notes 3.3: Add build system changes by Jamie McCrae · 13 hours ago
  15. 259ce0e tests: canbus: isotp: conformance: skip stmin test on low tick Hz by Henrik Brix Andersen · 13 hours ago
  16. 05ca67c net: ipv6: mld: Don't attempt to send a MLD query if iface is down by Robert Lubos · 13 hours ago
  17. e8803dd net: dhcpv4: Do not proceed with DHCPv4 when interface is down by Robert Lubos · 13 hours ago
  18. 004955f net: config: Unify the init behaviour when timeout is enabled and not by Robert Lubos · 13 hours ago
  19. a0026d1 drivers: ethernet: stm32: fix multicast filter configuration by Armin Brauns · 13 hours ago
  20. 437bfc5 net: lwm2m: Fix deregistration timeout state handling by Seppo Takalo · 13 hours ago