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  1. 5d34891 soc: arm: microchip: mec172x: Correct PECI base address by Jose Alberto Meza · 4 hours ago main
  2. acbe0d3 drivers: spi: deprecate `spi_is_ready` function by Bartosz Bilas · 4 hours ago
  3. e077fb7 drivers: tests: replace usage of `spi_is_ready` with `spi_is_ready_dt` by Bartosz Bilas · 4 hours ago
  4. 5170c16 spi: add spi_is_ready_dt function by Bartosz Bilas · 4 hours ago
  5. 2dd4cbc dts: xtensa: intel: update cavs25_tgph to match cavs25 by Kai Vehmanen · 4 hours ago
  6. a9ed11a drivers: counter: Add __fallthrough in STM32 counter driver by Patryk Duda · 5 hours ago
  7. a053543 boards: riscv: longan_nano: add configuration for LCD by TOKITA Hiroshi · 5 hours ago
  8. 62abf16 doc: board porting: Add clarifications by Declan Snyder · 5 hours ago
  9. 5d8c79f mgmt: mcumgr: transport: dummy: Fix issue with large packets by Jamie McCrae · 6 hours ago
  10. 43b4350 tests: mgmt: mcumgr: os_mgmt_info: Add tests by Jamie McCrae · 6 hours ago
  11. 5ffbda3 doc: release: 3.3: Add os_mgmt info command by Jamie McCrae · 6 hours ago
  12. 75c6f93 doc: mgmt: smp group 0: Add OS info details by Jamie McCrae · 6 hours ago
  13. 656a910 mgmt: mcumgr: lib: cmd: os: Add device information handler by Jamie McCrae · 6 hours ago
  14. ae97971 gitlint: Add "commit" to violation messages by Tristan Honscheid · 7 hours ago
  15. dfc97f3 fs: fat: document path transformation by Armin Brauns · 9 hours ago
  16. 68ef130 Bluetooth: controller: proper handling of invalid pdu in CIS create by Erik Brockhoff · 9 hours ago
  17. ec7237c drivers: gsm_ppp: replace DT_INST with DT_DRV_INST by Maciej Zagrabski · 9 hours ago
  18. 0f174e5 zdsp: Fix missing kconfig and no source library by Yuval Peress · 9 hours ago
  19. 9cf2b20 modules: lvgl: Enable for CPU_CORTEX_M0/M0PLUS by Jon Escombe · 9 hours ago
  20. 7c3a70a settings: file: Fix flash area erase offset by Dominik Ermel · 9 hours ago