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  2. train_hello_world_model.ipynb

Hello World Training

This example shows how to train a 2.5 kB model to generate a sine wave.

Table of contents


  1. Dataset: Data is generated locally in the Jupyter Notebook.
  2. Dataset Type: Structured Data
  3. Deep Learning Framework: TensorFlow 2
  4. Language: Python 3.7
  5. Model Size: 2.5 kB
  6. Model Category: Regression


Train the model in the cloud using Google Colaboratory or locally using a Jupyter Notebook.

Estimated Training Time: 10 minutes.

Trained Models


The models directory in the above zip file can be generated by following the instructions in the Training section above. It includes the following 3 model files:

NameFormatTarget FrameworkTarget Device
model.pbKeras SavedModelTensorFlowLarge-Scale/Cloud/Servers
model.tflite (2.5 kB)Integer Only Quantized TFLite ModelTensorFlow LiteMobile Devices
model.ccC Source FileTensorFlow Lite for MicrocontrollersMicrocontrollers

Model Architecture

The final model used to simulate a sine wave is displayed below. It is a simple feed forward deep neural network with 2 fully connected layers with ReLu activations and a final fully connected output layer with as shown below.


This image was derived from visualizing the ‘model.tflite’ file in Netron